Sunday, 26 August 2018

Swimmer and Ma*rs Haul - Nostalgia and Cuteness & Gyaru Feels

Hey cuties!

First of all I just want to apologise that this post is a little late, both me and my sister Amy have been working hard sewing and making for our shop as we want to get ready to do some Christmas stalls for the first time. It's kind of nerve wracking as we haven't done it before and we've been coming up with new designs so it's really taken up all of our attention.

But when I got my swimmer order from Lolita Desu, I knew I had to blog about it! Also Amy will be popping in to talk about the Ma*rs hat she got when Shibuya 109 had a sale.

Hooray! Here's my haul. Swimmer Japan has been one of my favourite brands for a while with its magical girl nostalgic cute vibe. So when it recently closed I thought I missed my chance on getting some items, but I started seeing a few places online selling swimmer goods. For me the best prices were at an online shop called Lolita Desu. They sell lolita fashion but also other Japanese fashion styles and cute home ware goods. They have a big Swimmer collection too and their worldwide shipping was pretty good too.

I have a few cutesy things in my room, but I think what I got will add to my collection nicely. The milkshake hair comb totally gives me this American 50's vibe and I couldn't choose between these pocket mirrors so got both! I'm obsessed with teddy bears and bears mostly because it is my nickname (Claire bear) and this one looks the cutest, although I'm not fully sure why its in a frying pan.

Inside they have these really cute combs but they've seem to scratched up the mirrors inside. They photographed better than they actually are but it doesn't really matter as I'm just using them for decorative purposes.

These were the main reason why I made the order. I've been pining after the blue box on the right for years. Swimmer does lots of cute home ware and I dreamed of getting the mirror and more that come from that set too. Just totally full magical girl vibes. The one on the right I just happened to come across whilst looking, its more of a vanity box cause it has a mirror inside and it's all zodiac themed!

Well this is the end of my first Swimmer haul, but I know I'll be buying even more and more. Maybe more bigger items...

Hey Amy here now! I spied this hat the moment it came out when I was scrolling through Shibuya 109 online. I thought it was really cute and different but I didn't have a set outfit for it yet so couldn't justify buying it as I'm trying to be strict on myself. But when it hit the sales pretty cheap, oh boy I had to have it, and I checked Ma*rs own shop it was even cheaper so it went into my cart straight away. I love the straw hat cute country feel but it also reminds me of a vintage pill box hat which really makes it something different to me. Two of my loves wrapped together.

Oh and Himena modelled the hat looking totally cute so that totally convinced me as well.

So this is our joint haul, both totally different vibes but they both arrived at the same time so we put them together.

Hope you liked the post~!

Clairey and Amy xx

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Cutie Creator Taobao Small Haul & Review - The Basics

Hi cuties, today I have a really cute and needed Cutie Creator haul. I've heard about the Taobao shop a lot on blogs and YouTube and how good value it is for its small price. Currently I'm building my lolita wardrobe slowly through pickiness and budget, so I need to be able to wear what I have multiple ways. I've got pretty far with what I already had with wearing hime gyaru before but I've found myself not wearing one dress as much and missing some basics. So I gathered my dresses, laid them out and went through them one by one to see what I'm missing or how I could wear it differently. So here is what I bought, I've split it between basics and new life pieces.

The Basics

Double rose head bow with cherub chain detailing £7.40
My wardrobe colours are white or cream x pink or lilac and I didn't have one solely white/cream head piece. I have two dresses that don't include pink which didn't come with head wear so this was needed a long time ago. Quality wise everything was good except the band aid tape binding at the bottom, but that can easily be replaced quickly. I really love the cherub charm on the pearl chain and it reminds me of Rosemarie Seoir so overall I'm quite happy with this item bar the ugly band aid tape.

White lace wrist cuffs £6.30
As I said before with my wardrobe colour way nearly all of my blouses are white so some white wrist cuffs were on the list! I really like the bow and drop bead charm and I bought them because of that. The length is a little long but I haven't worn them yet so I will wait and see how I like it. The lace is soft and I also like the ribbon choice on the cuffs too so I'm very happy with these and glad to finally have some.

New Life

Rose pearl broach/clip £4.40
I bought this to go with my love potions dress, the metallic goes well with the magical girl nature of the print. The flowers are made out of a paper/gauze however it does look really nice so I don't mind. the pearl chain is quite stiff and maintains its shape well. The broach/clip fixture is really secure and good quality too.

Flower Broach Chain £8.40
I bought this to go with many different dresses and update them but my solid dresses in particular. I tried to buy one of these in pink as well however it sold out. Solid dresses can be dressed up or down easily and this will completely transform those dresses. When it arrived it came safely in this box too which I now use to store my earrings. I love this piece the drop gem charm is multicoloured and the chain is nice and strong too. I'm really happy with this and shall try pick up the other colours in the future.

So this was my small haul, I was really happy with everything and it has opened up my wardrobe at such little cost. I'll definitely shop at Cutie Creator again too as I was really strict with what I bought since I didn't know the quality. There is so many different things to buy from there and they've already added new products since I've ordered. Hopefully it cools down soon so I can wear my new pieces and lolita wardrobe again, I've missed it!

Blog soon

Amy xx