Monday, 15 December 2014

Hyper Japan Haul

Hiii guys~

Clairey here with our first official post of our blog since our unfortunate forced revamp. But let’s not get into that. We went to the Christmas Hyper Japan market with our friend Yasmin and it was AHHHH MAAAAHH ZIIING. It was our first time going too~ 


That’s me on the left my twin Amy in the middle and our friend Yasmin. This was when we were at the small stage watching all these dancing groups, they were so cute~!


This is the view of the bottom floor, unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of upstairs, but it was full of wonderful stalls selling handmade wares, Japanese goodies and lots more.

Now onto the haul. We’ve had to hide some as they were presents.


First off we just had to get these alpacasso’s. Of course mine is the bigger one aha. The only thing wrong wrong with mine is that it can’t stand up properly. But that’s okay we just make out that he’s drunk all the time.


I got this Sailor Moon Moonlight Accessory pack which comes with a scrunchie mini compact and makeup case. I just loooove it! But I haven’t taken it out the box yet, I don’t think I will.


Amy bought this Mar*s bag from the Dreamy Bows. So cute with all the perfume bottles!


Also from Dreamy Bows were these false nails and lashes. Expect from the Ageha lashes.


Well that’s all for the haul post, overall Hyper Japan was amazing and we can’t wait to go again!

At the moment me and Amy are both really busy working on something really exciting. But we will have to tell you about that soon~

See you in the next blog

Claire xx


  1. Wow I'm jealous, I wish I could go!! Alpacassos are just so cute!

  2. I love alpacassos! I came across the Sailor Moon pack and it looks soo cute!