Sunday, 18 January 2015

Getting back into the swing of it.


Hi Gals!

First off thank you so much Sofia from the blog Sophkittycat for doing our blog banner for us, it fit’s us perfectly~!

After the last post I’m diving right into it. This outfit has a lot of inspirations behind it and is totally perfect for me. I like to wear fun outfits that kind of fit summer more than winter but this mix does it for me.



Most of what I’m wearing was gifts from Christmas from my twin. I just loved the armwarmers the little fur accent is just the cutest and she gave me matching boot covers which she found me, thanks twinny! I was really inspired by Black Diamond for the hair, so this wig from Lockshop was a no brainer. I really like the cute low pigtails I put in and can’t wait to style it more, the bigger the better!


Outfit Rundown

Wig – Lockshop
Necklace – handmade
Top – Gift  River Island
Armwarmers – Gift
Shorts – Primark
Boot Covers – Gift
Shoes – New Look boots altered into a ankle boot.



I really love this style and wanna play more with unusual hair colours and this cute fun style with a rokku vibe.

Hope you like it gals! ♥

Clairey xx

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Goals and Gyaru

Hi gals!

So now the new year has come and people are going back to work and school and the Christmas magic is fading but I’m really starting to think about my goals for 2015 (I know this post is a little late but come on I’m trying). One of my goals is to try more Japanese fashion, more specifically Gyaru.

egg magazine egg magazine

I have loved gyaru for years now and seen as the styles grow and changes. I love all the sub styles and really want to try each of them but I’ve got to do this on a budget. And I think that it’s very possible.


There’s Gyaru facebook sales groups both brand and offbrand, you can use the magazines as guides and buy from the highstreet and most importantly for me D.I.Y. Don’t get me wrong, I do think brand is important and I do hope to own some brand one day. (D.I.A belt come to me!) But gyaru can be very achievable on a budget but this isn’t kind of what I wanted this post to be about and I’m just going off on a tangent right here. But anyway back to the real topic here.

soul sister

I just can’t wait for my journey into Gyaru and other Japanese fashions. This year we have so many projects and plans for the blog just so many things we want to do. I can’t wait to share with you our inspirations, what our own personal styles are like (Me and Amy are quite different on that) and to see how I change and improve throughout the months. And hopefully gain new friendships with the blogging community too.

I hoped you have enjoyed this post even if it was a little off topic some times.

See you in the next blog!

Clairey xx

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Feelin like a unicorn~


Hi guys first off this is a schedule post and this was before Christmas ^^

Instagram media by opheliaofharts - Yay got #mermaid vs #unicorn today from @makeuprevolution #makeuprevolution

I recently bought the makeup revolution palette mermaid vs unicorns and I love it! I also picked up a highlighter since I dropped my last one :/ With this palette it has mermaid shades (green blues) and unicorn shades (pink purples) I chose unicorn today haha~ The photo doesn’t pick up how pastel they are or their sparkle. I was super excited to try the reddish pink eye shadow straight away, which inspired me to do a rokku gyaru look.


I can pretty much say this is all from my twins wardrobe lol.DSCF0795

It was really fun to dress up and do something really different and kind of out my comfort zone. I didn’t think I could pull this sort of look off.


Outfit rundown
Wig: Bodyline
Leather Jacket: Unknown
Dress: Tk maxx
Boots: New Look (altered by me into an ankle boot from a knee high)

10893750_1577337922477981_1714698508_nThe lashes I am wearing are Eyemazing #001 which I super recommend and love. My circle lens are G&G A21 brown ^^ sorry for the orange light with this photo it was took with a different camera.

Blog Soon
Amy xx

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Hello 2015~!


Hi guys hope you all had a lovely new years, We both did! 2014 has been a year of hard work, a few bad times but a lot more good times! I (Amy) got into the university of my dreams and Claire got back into education. We both also joined a Japanese Fashion society which really rekindled our love and made us be more confident to be ourselves.

I made a little collage of our instagram selfies and it’s weird seeing how far we have come!



I only started to try dress j fashion again in the last two months so as you can see it only came later on in my selfie.I also didn’t think I would be able to attempt cuter styles, but I feel more confident to do it now. Also the last selfie is an outfit I haven’t posted yet ^^.



Well my styles last year were really mixed. I started off with a more cutesy look and then played with something dramatic went back to cute then went back to dramatic. I think next year I’m going to play with more J fashion styles and mix dramatic and cute together to come up with something wonderful, aha.

Goals for 2015!

- Go to Japanese fashion society events more

- keep working hard at uni (Amy)

- Continue to develop style

Also now we can announce that we won a sponsorship competition and are now sponsored by Bubblegum Emporium!!
Bubblegum Emporium is a Kawaii Accessory company (U.K Based)we already bought from and loved so we are super happy! We are also trying to restore a review post we had on the blog of one of their items (unsponsored) which got caught up in the mass deletion :(

I would like to share that they are hosting a big clearance sale right now to make way for new year stock so you can get some bargains on their already affordable prices!

Blog soon
Amy and Clairey xx