Sunday, 4 January 2015

Feelin like a unicorn~


Hi guys first off this is a schedule post and this was before Christmas ^^

Instagram media by opheliaofharts - Yay got #mermaid vs #unicorn today from @makeuprevolution #makeuprevolution

I recently bought the makeup revolution palette mermaid vs unicorns and I love it! I also picked up a highlighter since I dropped my last one :/ With this palette it has mermaid shades (green blues) and unicorn shades (pink purples) I chose unicorn today haha~ The photo doesn’t pick up how pastel they are or their sparkle. I was super excited to try the reddish pink eye shadow straight away, which inspired me to do a rokku gyaru look.


I can pretty much say this is all from my twins wardrobe lol.DSCF0795

It was really fun to dress up and do something really different and kind of out my comfort zone. I didn’t think I could pull this sort of look off.


Outfit rundown
Wig: Bodyline
Leather Jacket: Unknown
Dress: Tk maxx
Boots: New Look (altered by me into an ankle boot from a knee high)

10893750_1577337922477981_1714698508_nThe lashes I am wearing are Eyemazing #001 which I super recommend and love. My circle lens are G&G A21 brown ^^ sorry for the orange light with this photo it was took with a different camera.

Blog Soon
Amy xx