Thursday, 1 January 2015

Hello 2015~!


Hi guys hope you all had a lovely new years, We both did! 2014 has been a year of hard work, a few bad times but a lot more good times! I (Amy) got into the university of my dreams and Claire got back into education. We both also joined a Japanese Fashion society which really rekindled our love and made us be more confident to be ourselves.

I made a little collage of our instagram selfies and it’s weird seeing how far we have come!



I only started to try dress j fashion again in the last two months so as you can see it only came later on in my selfie.I also didn’t think I would be able to attempt cuter styles, but I feel more confident to do it now. Also the last selfie is an outfit I haven’t posted yet ^^.



Well my styles last year were really mixed. I started off with a more cutesy look and then played with something dramatic went back to cute then went back to dramatic. I think next year I’m going to play with more J fashion styles and mix dramatic and cute together to come up with something wonderful, aha.

Goals for 2015!

- Go to Japanese fashion society events more

- keep working hard at uni (Amy)

- Continue to develop style

Also now we can announce that we won a sponsorship competition and are now sponsored by Bubblegum Emporium!!
Bubblegum Emporium is a Kawaii Accessory company (U.K Based)we already bought from and loved so we are super happy! We are also trying to restore a review post we had on the blog of one of their items (unsponsored) which got caught up in the mass deletion :(

I would like to share that they are hosting a big clearance sale right now to make way for new year stock so you can get some bargains on their already affordable prices!

Blog soon
Amy and Clairey xx

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