Sunday, 8 February 2015

Bubblegum Emporium: Cakepops Review~!


Hey guys what's up? A couple of days ago we received a package full of goodies from our sponsor Bubblegum Emporium! It was so cute to open the package and having two of everything. We shall be reviewing them in our post and please know that all of our opinions are ours and honest!


Bubblegum Emporium is a kawaii jewellery and accessories company based in the UK that is heavily inspired by Harajuku fashions and the kawaii lifestyle. They pride themselves on being Kawaii for any budget.

I have to agree with them for being kawaii for any budget, all of there items are really well priced and great for if you don’t have a lot of money but still want a great kawaii jewellery that is good quality. But now onto the items~!





Cake pop chain $12.50

First off all of the products were super cute! They were super easy to co-ord and all went so well together. We received rings, braclets, and the new cakepop chains. We also received some items that will go into our birthday giveaway near the end of the month. The cakepop chains are totally adorable. The icing had cute little sprinkles on which I think super detailed and the cakepop chains were finished with a cute bow. All of the jewellery were of great quality, the chain is sturdy and you can tell the jewellery is really well made with care. I love the bear ring too and felt like it really went with the cakepop necklace <3




We have been customers of Bubblegum Empourium before and they always sent the items promptly and with care.

On a whole we really recommend Bubblegum Empourium they’re items are affordable, totally cute and can be used for many styles. The quality is always superb and they take care making the items.


Currently the store is having a huge sale to make way for their new collection click here to go the the store!

Blog soon~!

Claire xx


  1. Super adorable, and if it wasn't for the polish I wouldn't be able to tell either of you apart. You're both total gorgeous heads. Stay Awesome <3

  2. So cute :O Are the items handmade?

    1. Yes! All of bubblegum emporiums goodies are handmade c: The cakepops especially! xx

      Check them out here!

  3. I love the fact that it all looks hand made! The bear is insanely cute.