Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Gyaru Meme: Day One

Hey gals what’s up?

I’m super happy that it’s finally Spring. Well, I’m considering it Spring as it was warm enough to go out without a coat on. I’m also super happy because my Medusas Makeup package arrived all the way from Chicago to the U.K. I’ll be going through what I’ve ordered and what I think of them in another blog. What I’ve ordered will be super helpful for the creative hair and beauty course I’ll be doing in September which I’m beyond excited for. But let’s get started on the Gyaru meme.

You can find the meme on the gyaru blog sharing group on Facebook which I really suggest you do it has some really good questions in it. Though this meme has 30 days in it, I’ll be spreading it out a bit more in between posts.

Day One – When did you Start Wearing Gyaru?

We both found out about gyaru seven years ago when we started watching the anime Super Gals. How’s that for some nostalgia for you~


So when we started watching the anime Super Gals! It just brought us into this world of bright colours and girl power. It was all about bright hair tanned skin and being wild, having fun and being sexy.

So then me and Amy did some research and found out about some gyaru magazines. It was mainly Egg and Ranzuki though.We just loved all the bright colours and cheetah print. But the hair was our favourite by far. So recently we bought a load of old Egg magazines to relive it all and see how amazing it was at that time.


We just totally loved how they were always having a blast.Their nails, their hair just everything was on point.


Amy’s favourite gyaru model was Romihi. She loves how Romihi’s hair was always changing up with all these bright colours and wigs. Romihi also had more of and edgy side to her, wearing leopard and then changing everything up to keep people on their toes.


And my favourite was Kanako. She had shorter hair then the other gals and sometimes she would just wear jeans and a top and would still look gyaru! She was always looking awesome always wearing bright colours and always having fun. And that was the gal I wanted to be.

We both started trying out gyaru pretty much from then for a while then we took a break from it, a long break. Don’t get me wrong we would still keep up on it every now and again but we stopped wearing it. So we don’t really have any photos from when we started out wearing gyaru.

Up until now that is, me and my twin love gyaru and are building up our gyaru wardrobes again.


So get wild and be sexy~!

Clairey xxx


  1. Very good memories, I miss this period so much... I'm a huge fan of the anime Super Gals =(. I hope to know a renew of mythic gyaru. I looove to read this tag ! Kisses <3

  2. aah I love Super Gals! Especially Ran <3 She is so amazing! I really want to watch the series again now >///<