Sunday, 29 March 2015

Gyaru Meme: Day Two



Hi guys were back for doing day two of the Gyaru Meme. The Gyaru meme is found on the Gyaru blog post sharing Facebook group. The above photo is from a photoshoot we did recently, sorry that it’s so grainy the lighting was not good behind the set :( but it has both of us in so I wanted to use it.

Gyaru meme Day two: 15 facts about yourself

1.  I’ll start with maybe the most obvious one but we are Identical Twins.

2. Amy is the older twin but not by much!


3. Claire is an avid wig hoarder.

4. Amy is studying an area of fashion at University.

5. Amy has two different coloured eyes one green and one blue.

6. Our favourite colours are pink and lilac.

7. We are both 6ft tall.

8. Our star sign is Pisces~


9. Our favourite magazines are Ageha (Amy) Egg (Claire).

10. Our favourite brands are La Pafait, D.I.A, Ma*rs and Ghost of Harlem.

11. Our favourite Pokémon is Snorlax.

12.  We love to D.I.Y and craft things~!

13. We live in England.

14.  We’re avid gamers, we love Borderlands since we can play it together.


15. We love Disney our favourite characters are Belle, Stitch and the aliens from Toy Story ( I actually have some pants with them on~)

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post it was very fun to write ^^

Blog soon
Amy and Claire x


  1. Aaah you both look fabulous! My favourite magazines are Ageha & EGG too :3