Thursday, 5 March 2015

Happy Birthday to us~!


Well not today, actually it was a couple of days ago…

But back to the story!

It was mine and Amy’s birthday this week and we turned 21~! Amy decided to take the day away from all of her uni work and we did a mini photo shoot showing some styles that me and sis have really been feeling recently.


I think you can see straight away me and sis have quite different styles. I love how Amy (on the left) looks so more sophisticated and then there’s me with the red hair. Were kind of like ying and yang.


11022822_596510170483533_1189898832_n (1)

We were sooo happy when we found out how to attach the bump to Amy’s GLW princess hime wig. It seem to take forever. And ever. But we absolutely love this wig, it’s great quality and really thick. Amy’s wearing her La Pafait bow necklace and head piece (We will be featuring them in an upcoming haul post).

Amy really wanted to get into Hime Gyaru, she’s been loving this style for a while. It’s just a matter of building her wardrobe up. Gyaru sale groups on Facebook help but don't expect many Hime looks for a while. She wanted to wear a darker dress as it’s still winter. After looking at instagram Amy wants to try out some lower lashes with her hime make up.



I really wanted to go for a rokku look again. I was centering the outfit around the dress. I was trying out a new make up style and I really quite like it. Next time I’ll add lower lashes to complete the look. I’m really thinking of styling this wig, it need way more volume! Luckily I have a few Ageha magazines to help me with it.

So what does it mean now to be 21? Well, nothing. Just that were a year older haha ~

We have a few exciting projects coming up, some more reviews , inspiration posts a giveaway coming up and well, springs coming up! Which means finally getting to wear pretty outfits without a huge coat covering it up. I’m really feeling pastels this spring.

See you next time gals~

Clairey xxx


  1. Happy bday! Btw I love the red wig ^^

  2. Happy birthday! You both look awesome :)

  3. Happy birthday! You look so cute♡