Thursday, 26 March 2015

Pink Sunset Outfit Post



Hi gals, How are you? I’ve recently broke up from university and have a three week holiday so I’m finally able to dress more like myself and give more time to the blog. I’ve been waiting to wear my Gold’s Infinity cardigan for a while, but when it arrived I realised I didn’t have anything to wear with it D: Luckily I spotted this black cami with chain straps in Primark which was just perfect.


I wore one of my favourite wigs again, I love the pink ombre, I matched my eye make up to go with the wig. I tried out some different techniques with my make up and liked how some of them worked out. With a strong pink eye make up I went for a nude lip with Coven Cream Apocalipslick  by Lunatick Cosmetics, which I just love the finish of. It is like a lip gloss but it has a very high coverage and is not sticky at all. I feel like my vibrant hair and make up really went well with my monochrome outfit.



Cardigan: Gold’s Infinity
Top: Primark
Shorts: Primark
Boots: Off brand
Wig: Geisha wigs- Magenta Ombre

I love that the cardigan has a hood, I really loved how it looked with my hair. I matched the Primark top with the chain straps to the gold chain on the cardigan which you can’t really see it in the pictures. 11082766_1609548649256908_46458560_n

I did a little collage to show the ‘hot points’ of my outfit which I love. I really like the cold shoulder and the hood. I think it’s perfect for spring and summer as it kept me quite cool. Spring has just arrived in England but it still is quite cold most days so I would definitely have to layer up with this cardigan. However I might sell the cardigan as I think my shoulders are a little to wide for it :(.

But never mind! I’ve really enjoyed wearing it and now I can pass it on to someone else c:

I am sooo ready for spring!

Blog soon

Amy xx


  1. Daaaaaayum I want your wig..! I think the coordinate goes very nicely together as well! :)

  2. Looks awesome :O And that ombre colour just looks soooo goood :D

  3. Your style is so perfect :)
    Super cute post!

  4. This wig is so gorgeous !! *-* It suits your perfectly. I'm fan <3

  5. Sweet wig! It looks great contrasted against the white cardigan.