Sunday, 19 April 2015

Galspiration! Leopard & Lashes

Hey cuties~

Me and sis are bringing back a feature we used to run on our old blog. Galspiration is, yep you guessed it, Gyaru Inspiration! We plan to do it for all type of styles and do it for different themes. For this post of Galspiration we are doing Leopard and Lashes. So let’s go on to the post! This post may be a little picture heavy.



I love how soft and cute the leopard print is on the nails.




These Kogal skirts are so cute, makes me want to twin and do separate colours



I love these challenge co-ord pages, I might try the challenge myself







So there it is, our first post of Galspiration! I really hope you all liked it. In the last picture the underlashes are called sweet eye and sis ordered some!!

See you in the next blog!

Clairey xx

Friday, 10 April 2015

Pastel Easter OOTD


Hola hola cuties~

I hope you all have had a wonderful Easter to those who celebrate it! It’s so nice the good weather has finally come back around here so on Easter weekend I finally put together an outfit with a style I have been wanting to do for a while and now I can show you how I’ve styled some of the goodies I got from my haul post c:



I really enjoyed doing this look, it made me feel really happy and confident. I’ve taken a lot of inspirations from different J styles for this look. I’ve used this wig before in some Gyaru looks so it’s fun to see it in a different style. I really wanted to look like a little pastel ball jointed doll so I went a bit more delicate with my make up.


These were the lashes I used, the top lashes are Ageha no 111 (which is the same type you can win in the giveaway) and the bottom lashes are some random offbrand. I knew I still wanted an impact for my lashes so I went for this Ageha pair as they’re so fluffy and doll like and for the bottom I used some half lashes as they were easier to apply for me.

I went lighter on the eyeliner and used pastel eye shadow colours to finish. I noticed recently there has been a trend of doing really high blush which I really wanted to try out. I found that my blushers were not strong enough so instead I used one of my bright pink eye shadows and it worked a charm.


This is Neon Pink from Medusa’s Cosmetics. I think it worked even better because of the sparkle and shimmer it has too.




Wig: Lockshop
Accessories: Bubblegum Emporium
Jacket: Dorothy Perkins
Dress: Iron Fist
Socks: Primark

I felt so cute in these pictures! The spring breeze helped out a lot and I can’t wait till our backgarden flowers again c:


Here’s the hotpoints of the outfit! The necklace and hair clip are from Bubblegum Empourium! I got them from the lucky packs their selling!

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See you in the next blog!

Clairey xxx

Friday, 3 April 2015

Spring Time Haul–On The Highstreet~

Hey cuties!
First things first, me and my sister recently did a photo shoot for our friends uni project in our gal gear. We thought we had enough time in the morning to get ready and all but things never quite go to plan do they. We were totally rushed and had to do most of our makeup there, but it went well though c: We hope to get the pictures soon <3
So spring is here sweeties and that means it’s time for lighter layers and lighter clothing. This spring me and sis are really feeling pastels. Though this haul was done in “western” shops I really think most of our buys can fit into a lot of Japanese styles. Being Japanese fashions doesn't mean it has to break the bank.
Dorothy Perkins
I absolutely love leather jackets and seeing them in pastel colours just makes my heart melt. I got this in the sale for around about £36. I love the fact that this jacket still is a little bit thick so it will keep me warm on the cooler days.
OMGOSH Primark is absolutely perfect for “character” t shirts this season! The ken crop top was only £6 and we also found this long grey top which looked pretty cool.
Me and sis both bought the black chain vest we think it’s just perfect for gyaru and can’t wait to twin in it! Plus the duster coat was a lucky find, in the sale section for £5. Will be fun to play with.
Me and sis are also twinning with these gorgeous platform sandals. I bought the white and she bought the black. £14 each.
Yay! So Primark also has the cutest accessories section! Both of the sunglasses are £1 each I made sure to stock up on them haha. Also all of these socks were £2.50 each. The knee high socks are so cute and when worn have a more open design. We are thinking of twinning with the middle socks, so cute <3
So Missguided isn’t on the highstreet but is on the highstreet level. They are doing the cutest collection called Beauty School Dropout which has all the pastels you’ll ever need. Missguided have awesome unique fashionable pieces at great prices, so it’s work checking out.
Iron Fist
I’m absolutely in love with this dress. Iron fist has been doing some super cool items for spring and also have paired up with My Little Pony, so they have some awesome pieces great for fairy kei. I love the open cut under the chest area. The dress is super flattering and I got it for £26.
New Look
Grey is a great colour to go with pastels and this ribbed maxi skirt with slits on either side is great for spring. From the tall section.
I thought I’d include our Ebay gets as they are high street items. The spotty bralet is a Topshop piece and the lace skirt is from River Island. Both great for sweeter looks. The skirt could also fit in to other styles like dolly kei or mori gal.
Amy also got a pastel jacket. This one is more light weight and a nice pink peach colour.
These new look shorts are great for a sweet gyaru feel. So comfy too.
The next two pieces aren’t clothing but I just had to share! They also go with our pastel feel too.
It was a chance find and I’m so glad I got them because they are just so cute. Buying kawaii stationary online can be SUPER expensive but I got all of these from Wilkinsons and for a very good price.
Everyone say hi to Nick, our wig head. This lace front is from Wig is Fashion and I just had to share this with you guys! I know it looks a little funny on the head but the colours are so cute c:
So this was our pastel haul, I hope you all like it ♥ I really recommend all the pieces and can’t wait to play around with them and make the cutest outfits.
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Clairey xx

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

This is no April Fool! Street & Sweet GIVEAWAY!!!

April the 1st is normally known for it’s tricks and pranks but how about something sweet? Well sweet and street!
So I guess I shall run down the goodies then? Well in this giveaway they shall be two winners! One will receive the Sweet package and one will receive the Street package. Both packages include Ageha top lashes number 111, some super cute underlashes, a letter set, and from our wonderful sponsor Bubblegum Emporium a stylized small lucky pack including beautiful accessories and jewellery suited to each package!  You can buy their small lucky pack here for just $12.50. We have also done a review for their goods which you can see here!
Rules of Giveaway
1. This giveaway is now open world wide~!
2. You must follow this blog to enter via bloglovin or via google friend connect. Please put your username in the comment. You can find a button to follow us on bloglovin on the siderbar.
3. To enter simply comment what posts you would like to see more of on our blog. Also include the username you are following us with and how you are following us (google or bloglovin) and leave your email so we can contact you or if you don’t want to leave your email make sure to check back! (Please leave all the info in one single comment.)
4. We will pick the two winners using to pick the two winners and randomly assign the packages to each person.
5. You can only enter once, please include all the information stated in rule 3 in one single comment.
6. The giveaway ends on May 1st!
Well thats all the rules guys! Wishing you all luck! If you want to know anymore info or have a question please email us at
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Clairey and Amy xxxx