Wednesday, 1 April 2015

This is no April Fool! Street & Sweet GIVEAWAY!!!

April the 1st is normally known for it’s tricks and pranks but how about something sweet? Well sweet and street!
So I guess I shall run down the goodies then? Well in this giveaway they shall be two winners! One will receive the Sweet package and one will receive the Street package. Both packages include Ageha top lashes number 111, some super cute underlashes, a letter set, and from our wonderful sponsor Bubblegum Emporium a stylized small lucky pack including beautiful accessories and jewellery suited to each package!  You can buy their small lucky pack here for just $12.50. We have also done a review for their goods which you can see here!
Rules of Giveaway
1. This giveaway is now open world wide~!
2. You must follow this blog to enter via bloglovin or via google friend connect. Please put your username in the comment. You can find a button to follow us on bloglovin on the siderbar.
3. To enter simply comment what posts you would like to see more of on our blog. Also include the username you are following us with and how you are following us (google or bloglovin) and leave your email so we can contact you or if you don’t want to leave your email make sure to check back! (Please leave all the info in one single comment.)
4. We will pick the two winners using to pick the two winners and randomly assign the packages to each person.
5. You can only enter once, please include all the information stated in rule 3 in one single comment.
6. The giveaway ends on May 1st!
Well thats all the rules guys! Wishing you all luck! If you want to know anymore info or have a question please email us at
You can like Bubblegum Empourium on facebook here!
Clairey and Amy xxxx


  1. More of your beautiful faces and outfits please *0* <3 you know who I am ;D

  2. Hi there lovelies.
    My usernames on both bloglovin' and goggle plus are Scarlett Juzzle.
    I want to see more reviews on products and off course more outfit posts because you girls are awesome.

    Hope I did this right. :D

  3. More reviews and hauls, maybe Kawaii food tutorials and more OTTD's. My username is Yuki Moon

  4. Better quality pictures ^-^
    ~more hair, make up & fashion advice :3

  5. I would like to see more outfit and make up posts! Fab giveaway I follow your on gfc I believe? (correct me if I'm wrong!)

    And my email is (embarrassing but oh well 13 year old Ophelia thought this was a great idea!)

  6. I'd love to see outfit ideas and cute food tutorials
    I follow on google and my email is

  7. I'd like to see Hauls and outfit posts to just see the coords ^w^
    Followed on both as Minahbell ^^ and my email is

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    1. Hi there, Have you removed this or has blogger went crazy? c:

    2. Sorry this was me, I was being an idiot and couldn't work out how to get my username and display name to be the same, so I re-entered below after I changed it so it matched with my Google Friend Connect username xD sorryyy

  9. There haven't been many so far but I noticed Borderlands the Pre-Sequel featured in one post, so maybe some more gaming posts? Favourite games, how long you've both been playing, etc! Also more hauls, because I love seeing what other people buy!

    I have followed you on Google Friend Connect :)

    My email is :)

  10. Would love to see more posts about your wig collection! :)

    I follow as Rinnie on GFC. My email is ♡

  11. Wow such cute prices! I would like to see more of your OOTD's and hauls, I always really love those \(^o^)/
    My email is na dI followed you guys as Annouschka S on google friend connect.

  12. Such a nice change to have a giveaway on the 1st of April instead of a joke of some sort haha ^ ^
    I would love to see you guys post more reviews and outfits, I love those <3
    I follow you guys with this account trough GFC and my e-mail is

  13. More outfit & makeup posts! :D I follow you through GFC as Lizzie <3

  14. Your Blog is so amazing!!

    I want to see more lovely outfit posts ^^
    I followed you through blogger and bloglovin as Chihiro Mikazuki <33

  15. What a lovely giveaway~ I'd love to see more outfit posts and reviews! I'm following you on Blogloving with the username Amber van Lier (ameberu). My email is ^^

  16. yo yo ;D
    looks from you girlies! like outfit shots and your face <3

  17. My comment seems to have disappeared!
    I'd like to see kawaii fashion reviews and general ootds :3

    1. Ah damn I forgot to put my email its