Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Birmingham Gyaru Meet and Weekend Trip~ Day 3


This was our last day in Birmingham so we just took it super chill and visited some shops that we missed.


Unfortunately the weather sucked so no nice outfit pics as we were just trying to stay warm haha!


THERE’S A VERSUS VERSACE STORE IN BIRMINGHAM!!!!! I love Versace and Versus Versace <3 I use them as inspiration in a lot of my university projects.

We then headed to H&M since we know it’s a good shop for cute things.


Claire got this ultra cute crop top! She had been trying to get it for a while but it
was always in the wrong size.


Claire saw this and just had to get it!


I got this one <3 it’s nice and soft.


We headed back to Blue Banana as Claire saw some things she liked when she bought some hair dye last minute.


They’re all by Jawbreaker and are just perfect for rokku!


After that we went back on the hunt for a split fluffy key chain to match mine so went to the other New Look and they had hardly any left either! but we managed to find the perfect one for Clairey, it matches her new clothes. We also went to a comic store and they had Sailor Moon figures so we just had to get one <3


We have loads of things to catch up on and blog about but I wanted to put this meet up first or else it will be up months late XD

Blog soon
Amy xx

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Birmingham Gyaru Meet and Weekend Trip~ Day 2

Hi gals~! Day two was the mini meet day with the meet at 1pm so we leisurely got ready in the morning watching some TV.
This is Clairey’s make up for the day ^^ . Once we were ready and walking into the city I noticed that my drink exploded in my bag D: it was practically full and orange juice got everywhere and to add to the mess it had the pulp bits in so that got everywhere too. But luckily for me Clairey sorted me out and we bought a new bag and changed it all over in the bathrooms. So there goes my big my melody bag D: and now I was super stressed haha!
Anyway I survived and this is me waiting for the meet. I’m wearing the lipstick I bought yesterday as well. We arrived there early so we just had a good time people watching before they arrived.
This was Clairey’s bag for the meet, soon after we arrived Charlz turned up and it wasn’t long before the others turned up. Then we headed of to Mount Fuji a Japanese restaurant.
We didn’t take photos of our food but we had a chicken bento dish it was really nice and we haven’t had it before. At first we were sat in two groups but then there was space so we all sat together. Front to back is Lizzie Danielle and Charlz. After we all finished it was selfie time!
There’s also Chewiee and Fin in front of me and Clairey. Everyone looks so cute!
Us two and Lizzie <3 it was lovely to meet her as when we left gyaru she was getting into it.
Us and Danielle~ I wish I would stop hunching in photos!! Danielle is so cute!
then us two <3 me and Claire did up our dresses and decided to match with lace bows and heart buttons <3 although you can’t see them in this photo.
After that we went shopping in the bull ring mall! we bought matching jumpers from H&M and they’re so snuggly I love them. I also told the girls about the fluffy key chains so we went on a hunt for them but they were nearly sold out in the new look we went into! so I guess they must of just came in when I went in the day before! After shopping we got tired of walking and went to a cute cafe.
Me and Clairey ordered the same thing of strawberry milkshakes and vanilla ice cream which was tiny for how much we paid! However the milkshake was gorgeous <3 The cafe is really and very popular! after chilling at the cafe it was time for me and Clairey to go.
We quickly headed to pick up some food at a shop and we had a lovely checkout lady <3 she loved that we matched our circle lens to twin and we had a long chat about being twins. It was really nice for someone who doesn’t know about the fashion to have a positive response!! it made us really happy and was a nice way for the day to end ^^
We loved meeting all the gals and hope we can do it again soon!

Blog Soon
Amy xx

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Birmingham Gyaru Meet and Weekend Trip~ Day 1

Hi Gals~ Lizzie recently organized a Gal meet in Birmingham and since my uni was over Clairey and I decided to make a weekend trip out of it!
We travelled over by train on Friday, which only took an hour and headed straight to the hotel to ditch our luggage. We travelled in the afternoon which was nice as it wasn’t busy at all on the trains.
After that we headed off to Selfridges as we heard they had many events on and wanted to drop by Illamasqua. Turns out Illamasqua were involved in the event too and were doing contour mini master classes which Clairey took part in. With the sculpting powder duo you hardly need to use any product at all, a little goes a long way. Clairey also bought an eye shadow palette in Complement which is all sparkly but the photo doesn’t pick it up at all!
We quickly nipped in New Look as I was wanting to buy the scalloped bow I saw a couple days ago and I found this super cute fluffy ball key ring in all different colours but I went for the white and pink one, it was so cheap too! It was such a surprise that I didn’t think to buy my twin one XD sorry!! I also bought an Illamasqua matte lipstick in fable which is a bright rose pink, I struggle with buying light pink lipsticks but the lady at Illamasqua was great and matched the lipstick to a Himena photo for me. It’s a nice soft rose pink which is very pigmented without being neon. However since it’s matte it’s very unforgiving to your lips so I would suggest a primer or some lip balm underneath.
After shopping we went to Five Guys which is an American Burger chain! When we visited America we went to a Five Guys so we wanted to see how U.K chain would measure up. OMG it was amazing, the portions are still the same size so it might be best to ask how much the portions feed or else you will order too much XD.  After that we rolled back to our hotel to relax and get ready for the meet tomorrow.

The meet will be in our next post ^^
Blog Soon

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Project Hime Gyaru: 1 Trying out new things


Hi Gals! It’s been a long time since I last posted but University took over my life completely so I had no time to blog or even be stylish haha. However I did have some time to think and buy some new things.

10914367_716854475110851_539455745_nBirthday Look~

I’ve been really thinking about what my personal style is with gyaru since I only recently got back into again and I have decided I really want to do Hime Gyaru and maybe a little Agejo too. When I first got back into it I tried doing the style I did before I left, but on my birthday I tried Hime Gyaru, fell in love with it and found that I suited it more. I only had a few La Pafait Accessories and my GLW princess wig and just threw everything else together.

However now I am fully investing in Hime gyaru and thus creating my own little project! I am pretty much starting from scratch with this style so I have lots to work on and do. In my project I am going to focus on different areas such as

  • Make up
  • Co-ords
  • Clothing (mostly reconstructing western clothing and buying some second hand pieces in)


I started with making a very big inspiration folder so look out for a Galspiration soon! Then I bought some clothing pieces to revamp hime style but that will be in an up and coming post too ^^.

I am soon going to a UK Gal meet soon with Clairey and I want to dress Hime gyaru so I had a little practise run through to find out what to wear! I also got to play with my eye make up as well but I’m not too fond on it.



First up make up I used my new pink contacts which I love they are very bold without looking neon.  I used Twinkle Lash Sexy for the top and Diamond lash sweet eye for the bottom. I tried doing the eyebag trend for the bottom but I think it would of looked better by lining my eyes instead.


This was my outfit I came up with! I’m using a lot of clothes that I’m going to embellish but I haven’t done it yet ^^

Vest (Under cardigan): Dream V
Cardigan: Off brand
Skirt:  River Island (from ebay though I love it, its so fluffy!!)
Hair piece and Necklace: La Pafait
Bag: Ebay

It was great to finally get back to wearing gyaru, I have some things I want to improve on though ^^

Blog Soon

Amy xx

Monday, 4 May 2015

April Giveaway winners!


Winner winner chicken dinner!

Hey cuties~!

The No April Fools giveaway is now over. Thank you so much to all that have entered, we really enjoyed reading your answers and it shall help us make our blog better!

I can now reveal that the two winners are

kuro the whovian


Congrats to the winners and thanks for entering c:

We shall be posting soon and also this month we will be going to a gal meet in Birmingham.

Well that’s it for now

See you in the next blog~!

Clairey x