Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Birmingham Gyaru Meet and Weekend Trip~ Day 1

Hi Gals~ Lizzie recently organized a Gal meet in Birmingham and since my uni was over Clairey and I decided to make a weekend trip out of it!
We travelled over by train on Friday, which only took an hour and headed straight to the hotel to ditch our luggage. We travelled in the afternoon which was nice as it wasn’t busy at all on the trains.
After that we headed off to Selfridges as we heard they had many events on and wanted to drop by Illamasqua. Turns out Illamasqua were involved in the event too and were doing contour mini master classes which Clairey took part in. With the sculpting powder duo you hardly need to use any product at all, a little goes a long way. Clairey also bought an eye shadow palette in Complement which is all sparkly but the photo doesn’t pick it up at all!
We quickly nipped in New Look as I was wanting to buy the scalloped bow I saw a couple days ago and I found this super cute fluffy ball key ring in all different colours but I went for the white and pink one, it was so cheap too! It was such a surprise that I didn’t think to buy my twin one XD sorry!! I also bought an Illamasqua matte lipstick in fable which is a bright rose pink, I struggle with buying light pink lipsticks but the lady at Illamasqua was great and matched the lipstick to a Himena photo for me. It’s a nice soft rose pink which is very pigmented without being neon. However since it’s matte it’s very unforgiving to your lips so I would suggest a primer or some lip balm underneath.
After shopping we went to Five Guys which is an American Burger chain! When we visited America we went to a Five Guys so we wanted to see how U.K chain would measure up. OMG it was amazing, the portions are still the same size so it might be best to ask how much the portions feed or else you will order too much XD.  After that we rolled back to our hotel to relax and get ready for the meet tomorrow.

The meet will be in our next post ^^
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  1. Five Guys is so good *u* And that contour kit looks really good, I may have to investigate <3

    1. yess deffo going back <3 Yes! we totally recommend it, the staff are super nice there too, if you go to selfridges ^^