Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Birmingham Gyaru Meet and Weekend Trip~ Day 3


This was our last day in Birmingham so we just took it super chill and visited some shops that we missed.


Unfortunately the weather sucked so no nice outfit pics as we were just trying to stay warm haha!


THERE’S A VERSUS VERSACE STORE IN BIRMINGHAM!!!!! I love Versace and Versus Versace <3 I use them as inspiration in a lot of my university projects.

We then headed to H&M since we know it’s a good shop for cute things.


Claire got this ultra cute crop top! She had been trying to get it for a while but it
was always in the wrong size.


Claire saw this and just had to get it!


I got this one <3 it’s nice and soft.


We headed back to Blue Banana as Claire saw some things she liked when she bought some hair dye last minute.


They’re all by Jawbreaker and are just perfect for rokku!


After that we went back on the hunt for a split fluffy key chain to match mine so went to the other New Look and they had hardly any left either! but we managed to find the perfect one for Clairey, it matches her new clothes. We also went to a comic store and they had Sailor Moon figures so we just had to get one <3


We have loads of things to catch up on and blog about but I wanted to put this meet up first or else it will be up months late XD

Blog soon
Amy xx


  1. Oooh, I like all those black shirts from Blue Banana.....

  2. Oooh the jawbreaker clothing ♥ ♥ *___*

    ♥ Frillycakes ♥

  3. Great, I love it! Enjoy the weekend!

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