Sunday, 10 May 2015

Project Hime Gyaru: 1 Trying out new things


Hi Gals! It’s been a long time since I last posted but University took over my life completely so I had no time to blog or even be stylish haha. However I did have some time to think and buy some new things.

10914367_716854475110851_539455745_nBirthday Look~

I’ve been really thinking about what my personal style is with gyaru since I only recently got back into again and I have decided I really want to do Hime Gyaru and maybe a little Agejo too. When I first got back into it I tried doing the style I did before I left, but on my birthday I tried Hime Gyaru, fell in love with it and found that I suited it more. I only had a few La Pafait Accessories and my GLW princess wig and just threw everything else together.

However now I am fully investing in Hime gyaru and thus creating my own little project! I am pretty much starting from scratch with this style so I have lots to work on and do. In my project I am going to focus on different areas such as

  • Make up
  • Co-ords
  • Clothing (mostly reconstructing western clothing and buying some second hand pieces in)


I started with making a very big inspiration folder so look out for a Galspiration soon! Then I bought some clothing pieces to revamp hime style but that will be in an up and coming post too ^^.

I am soon going to a UK Gal meet soon with Clairey and I want to dress Hime gyaru so I had a little practise run through to find out what to wear! I also got to play with my eye make up as well but I’m not too fond on it.



First up make up I used my new pink contacts which I love they are very bold without looking neon.  I used Twinkle Lash Sexy for the top and Diamond lash sweet eye for the bottom. I tried doing the eyebag trend for the bottom but I think it would of looked better by lining my eyes instead.


This was my outfit I came up with! I’m using a lot of clothes that I’m going to embellish but I haven’t done it yet ^^

Vest (Under cardigan): Dream V
Cardigan: Off brand
Skirt:  River Island (from ebay though I love it, its so fluffy!!)
Hair piece and Necklace: La Pafait
Bag: Ebay

It was great to finally get back to wearing gyaru, I have some things I want to improve on though ^^

Blog Soon

Amy xx


  1. Ah you look so lovely! I love hime gyaru~ Really wish I could do it more often but I haven't the wigs/clothes/etc ;_;

    1. Thank you~! Yes I know what you mean, It's kinda expensive to start a new style from scratch D:

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Can't wait to meet you at the meet ^^

  3. Hime gal really suits you! It's so good that you're thinking of crafty ways to do the style though as hime brand is so expensive..! ;_;

    I think maybe Sweet Eye are too big to go with namida bukuro makeup? (I find them a little too big for me in any circumstances, but that's not the point. XD) Since they're so long and bold, they kind of hide the highligted bit and make the undereye area just look dark. D: Would love to see you try it again with subtle lashes (like Dolly Wink) or just loads of mascara on your lower lash line, though! :)

    1. Thank you and yes oh my gosh La Pafait prices make me cry D:

      I agree, I was thinking I could try them with some under eye liner instead since I've seen himes do it with other lashes but I might have to try some different ones D:

  4. aww youre so cute ^^ I'm so happy you try Hime <33