Friday, 5 June 2015

YYKawaii Review! Deco Kitty Ice Cream Phone Case~


Hey cuties~

Today I received my phone case from YYKawaii. I couldn’t open it quick enough! It’s so cute and fitting for summer hehe. I decided to do a review on it, this is not a sponsored review and everything I write is my own truthful opinion.


Yay Hello Kitty Ice Cream! YYKawaii is an Etsy shop based in the UK that creates decoden phone cases, 3DS cases, Ipad cases and much more. They have premade designs which are made to order, some ready to ship and you can also make a custom order. Though they are an online store they also go to most anime cons and etc. My case was a premade design, it was so hard to choose! They have such cute designs!

I ordered my case on the 21st of May and received it on the 5th of June so it took just about two weeks to make and then ship. The owner of the store always kept me informed and messaged me when it was shipped out. My case was well protected and was wrapped in bubble wrap to make sure nothing broke when it was shipped.


Now onto the actual case! I absolutly love this case, the colours go so well together! You can tell she put a lot of effort in the placement and the cabochon pieces. My case was an Iphone4s case but you can choose different phone cases as well.

Everything feels sturdy and solid. I don’t think anything is going to budge for a long time. Even the big Hello Kitty ice cream feels safe and secure.

There are no faults with this case, everything is crisp and clean. I adore this case ♥___♥

I really love my case from YYKawaii, and advise you check them out!



See you in the next blog sweeties!

Clairey x


  1. I love their phone cases! I really want one but I'd have to get a custom one for my phone and there's only so much I can justify spending on a phone case...yours is so cute! <3

  2. Oh my gosh that phone case is adorable! I have a soft spot for cute cases~ I have so many it's unreal, but it wouldn't hurt to have more... ;D

  3. I'd adored their cases for awhile~ and you really got a cute one! <3

  4. Wowww, that case is so adorable! They have some other really nice designs as well! Does it feel really bulky and heavy when attached to your phone, though?

    They don't have my phone, but it looks like you can select 'other' and get a custom made one... Very tempting. X3