Saturday, 25 July 2015

Galspiration- Hime Eye make up~


Hi gals! I’ve been wanting to post about this while since I’m still experimenting to find what eye make up I like the most ^^ I thought I’d share my journey so far and then some inspiration~!


I think this really shows all the different shapes I’m trying. it goes from oldest to newest, top to bottom. My favourite is the middle one so far but I’m still experimenting. I love the lower lashes from my first attempt and would love to figure out a way to use them in the future ^^ I’ll probably do this again as it is really nice to see the change and I still want to experiment.


Of course I have to feature Himena. It’s cool to see how her eye make up has changed over time as well ^^



I like this more ‘natural’ eye make up

 Some of the most inspiring gals to me are Gaijin gyarus, I love how they take the style their way and keep the Hime style going <3 I’ve only focused on three but there is so many people who inspire me <3





I love love seeing her posts on Instagram <3She has found her own signature eye make up style which really suits her. I love how she lines her inner corner and her use of white eyeliner. She also uses pink lenses which I want to do as well and looks so cute with them. Himenannie’s hair skills are amazing as well! She has the ultimate hime hair so don’t be surprised if that comes up in another post haha ^^




I love Myrreli eyelashes choice and how big they make her eyes look. I like how soft her eyes look especially with the under eyelashes. Myrelli is also a mater of wiggery! she always has amazing hairstyles and can make so many styles from her hair pieces <3





I had to choose the always cute Mikapiyu! Every time I see her posts on instagram it inspires me and gives me confidence to be myself! She also uses dramatic lenses and was one of the gals that inspired me to get pink lenses. She has recently changed her eye make up style and it looks amazing!

I hope this has inspired you gals as much as it did me! when I was making this post I found so many more images of gals who inspire me with their eye make up so don’t be surprised to see a part two!

blog soon

Amy xx


  1. Very nice try ! It's really hard to do a hime gyaru makeuo to mix dramatic & cute look. Myrreli & mikapiyu are so cute. I want the same cute baby face of Mikapiyu *-*

  2. Your eye makeup looks so good!
    Those are some awesome inspirations! I love Himena <3