Sunday, 23 August 2015

A bit of this, a bit of that.


What’s up my cuties?

A week ago we met up with our adorable friend Amy to catch up and shop of course! Unfortunately we didn’t take a selfie but we shall so our gets!


Recently the high street shops have been full with fashion buys that are perfectly suited to Japanese street fashion. I got this Barbie top from H&M. It was kind of hard to find things as most of the shops were full of sales of all the summer stuff but the fall collection is coming out now so there is more buys to be had.

Also look at Amy’s adorable new lunch box! It’s from the shop Tiger which I really suggest checking out for cutesy and quirky items. It’s super cheap too, this box was only £3 and is super useful as Amy is now going to be living away for university. Amy is trying to get cute things for university so Tiger is great since since its Uni budget friendly.


Also we thought to include our recent false lashes haul we got off one of the UK gyaru’s. As you can tell we have been using them regularly and they are very well loved. we’re not really loving the Blue diamond lashes so we might sell them on :/  

We’re meeting up with Amy again tomorrow for some home ware shopping (got to be responsible now) so we might remember to take photos and also have some delicious cake again ^^

So how are your fall wardrobes coming along? I really need to get a new coat :c

See you in the next blog

Clairey xxxx

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Twin Summer Look Book~!


Hey cuties!

Recently me and Amy have been busy with other projects this summer and we can now reveal one of them! We have been working on a YouTube channel! Our channel, which is also called Ophelia of Harts and it will feature loads of Japanese fashion and kawaii goodness! Our first video will be our twin summer look book and it will be up shortly but I will edit this post with all the links when it is up. We thought to also do the look book in blog post form too so lets get into it!


outfit breakdown 2

For this look I really wanted this to be a really cute casual look. Something you could wear to the beach or on a holiday day out. I wanted to have a nice light pastel scheme too and I think the rings defiantly add a cute touch!


outfit 1 breakdown

I bought Amy this hat a while ago and she’s been dying to use it. It has really cute cut out hearts around the brim. She started the outfit off with the hat and went for a romantic casual look. The pink highlights in the wig and the La Pafait necklace really give it a highly feminine touch. I can picture this for a date in the park or a day in the city.


outfit 4

This outfit really packs a punch. I wanted to be from head to toe a Barbie space princess. The inspirations for this look were magical girls, street fashion and of course Barbie. This co ord shows a new direction for my fashion self. I really like how the wig and shoes stand out from the rest of my outfit. I felt really confident in this look.


third outfit breakdown

Amy was definitely going for the princess look, but not the space kind. This look has everything a princess needs, it even includes a crown. After adding extra long lace cuffs to her jacket Amy is glad she could wear it now. It’s definitely a piece that needs everything OTT. Adding the ponytails to the wig make it more voluminous and also softens the boxy shoulders that the jacket has. 

It felt so good to be dressing in our styles again and the weather was perfect too! We can’t wait to show you the video! We hope you’ll really like it! Were both so excited to start our YouTube adventure and growing Ophelia of Harts.

Until Next time!

Edit: the video has uploaded

Clairey xxx