Thursday, 24 December 2015

Ageha Inspirations~

Hi cuties!

We both hope your having a wonderful holiday so far! Amy is back from university and I'm really loving family time and all of the festive cheer! 

In January two of the UK gal's are hosting a big sleepover meet to bring the gals together and have a great time! It will be great to catch up and meet some new faces! We all really want to make gyaru in the UK more popular and bring the comm together. 

We're already putting together our co ords with Amy picking up these cute gets

We looked to one of our Ageha magazine for inspiration. Ageha is really becoming one of my favourite gyaru magazines. I really love how strong the styles are! Plus Himena and Sakurina are my fave gyaru models ♥

I thought I'd include some of the pages I thought were super inspiring. I took photos instead of scanning but shall scan next time.  This Ageha is issue 2012/4/10 

Love this mash up of styles here! Classy, cute and cool.

I so love this! All the cut outs mixed with childish nostalgia. 

Love Sakurina here, unruly curls give a childish charm.

I love all the makeup looks here! They are all so vibrant!

Which page was your favourite? Would you like us to scan more in? We have egg's, popteens, and ageha's!


  1. awww.... I wish we had a gyarusa in Iceland for sleepovers and other fun events!>< Hope you'll have a wonderful time<3

  2. Loving your inspirations! Ageha is God <3