Sunday, 31 January 2016

Dreaming of Summer - Gyaru at the Beach

Hi sweeties!

I've been getting back to the swing of it after coming back into university. I study Contour Clothing which specialises in lingerie, underwear, bodywear, swimwear, loungewear, nightwear, sportswear and corsetry. As well my course was "Established in 1947 to support the local corset industry, Contour Fashion is the oldest and most successful degree-level course in intimate apparel and is widely regarded by industry experts as one of the best in the world." *Finishes touting uni's horn*

As I have my next assignment coming up which is swimwear I thought it would be a great idea to bring my two loves together, gyaru and contour and would really love you help and opinions.

I've made two surveys up (Had to split them up because it would cost to have them together) one about gyaru and one about swimwear itself. It would really help me out if you could fill them out, it's quick and easy plus everything is anonymous too. I really want to make the perfect Gal swimwear so please click the links below to participate!


Amy xx

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Her Hair is so Big Because it's Full of Knives ~ Gyaru Meet ♥

Hi cuties! 

Last week we went to a gyaru meet hosted by Laurenn and Betti. It was so much fun! Some gals just came for the day but as we were traveling far we stayed over for the gyaru sleepover fiesta!!!

The sleepover was really fun, we had a bring and buy so we managed to sell a few things and Clairey bought a Ghost of Harlem top and Amy bought a My Melody bag.

Photo credit Laurenn
Meeting with the other gals both old and new was so much fun. We've made some new wonderful friends and got closer to old ones. The vibe was so lovely and chill. It was so cute seeing Chewwie doing other people's hair. This meet really brought the comm together ♥

As nice as it was to see the other gals it really was special for both of us. Due to Amy's uni work we don't normally have time to dress up like this and be our gyaru self's more. It really brought us together and more focused in ourselves, 

As the meet was so busy and big we didn't really have much time to take photos and when we did the lighting wasn't the best. But we wanted to share the ones we have.

These were our outfits for the meet, Amy went for a really cute bridal hime theme but unfortunately the picture doesn't show how beautiful it was! Whilst Clairey went full goshikku with straps, chains and spikes. 

It was really nice to all get ready with each other. Everyone was helping everyone and you only needed to ask.

photo credit to Lizzie

We all went to an ice cream parlor and took over. It was really nice to see Lizzie again. She literally is the most sweetest gal we know. 

Now this gal saved Claireys butt many times over the meet haha. Both of us will gladly trek up to Scotland to see you again Natalie!

One of the hostess's of the meet. Your so kind and cute Betti  we both love you to pieces!!! 

The other hostess Laurenn. It was like her hair was a holy entity. Literally angelic. You know we love you girly ♥

photo credit to Lizzie

Wow, so many cuties in this photo! Lizzie, Zoe, Risa and Mayumi

The event was so much fun! Next time we'll remember to take more videos and photos!

Were planning to go to a meet in February and celebrate our birthday gyaru style!


Clairey and Amy xxxx 

Monday, 4 January 2016

Moving onto the New Year~!

Hi cuties!

I hope you all had a good holiday season! Ours was lovely, we had our sisters boyfriend over from Ireland and we had a really good time. 

We had loads of gaming sessions on Emma's new game Amiibo Festival Animal Crossing, it is sooo cute! I'm so addicted to it!

We both played as Reese and Cyrus! The figures look so adorable!

We already miss the festiveness of the holiday season (Amy especially) but now we're moving onto the new year! 

We've both been looking forward and getting ready for the gal meet/sleepover. It will be so great to see everyone and show that gyaru is well and alive in the UK!!!

Even though we both decided to save up big time so we can have the most fun possible on the meet Clairey was dragged to a factory outlet place local to us that normally just sells clothing for older people but it now sells Asos and other brands too so she couldn't resist! 

 We both love the Mickey mouse crop sweater, it has such a fun vintage feel to it! It was only £5 and it would be great for a amekaji style. The bag was also £5 and Clairey couldn't pass it up! Its absolutely huge and will come in useful for the gal meet. Also it could fit for different styles too.

Okay so this isn't from the factory outlet but as Clairey was passing New Look she saw this massive sale on and peeked inside. It's actually from their Summer holiday collection but Clairey is dying to use it in some Rokku co ord with a bralet underneath. At £4 it felt safe to buy. 

We shall definitely be blogging about the gyaru meet coming up, and plan to have a review or two coming up as well! 

Blog soon!

Clairey and Amy xx