Friday, 18 March 2016

Bear Bows and Floral Hearts

Hi guys~!
It's been so long since I've last blogged or even done gal! University turns me into a hermit I swear, but at least I'm fashionable hermit. I've been working very hard on my swimwear but I will go into that more in a different post. 

I've bought a lot of new items and really expanded my Hime and Himekaji wardrobe (but of course forgot to blog about any and left half at home and half at uni..) But fair to say I've found a new favorite brand, Tralala! Tralala is very versatile going from playful cute to over the top hime (Some quite nice rokku tartan pieces too and plenty of playful t shirts), which I've filled my wardrobe with both. Tralala is also quite easy on the wallet as well alongside Liz Lisa, which is great for me since I'm building my wardrobe again. Also Tralala has amazing room wear I already have two pieces coming my way and one comes with a little towel set too, it really makes me want to have more Gyaru sleepovers.

I also tried out a new eye make up shape today. I looked at a tutorial in Ageha by Himena but then made it a little more smokey and softer. I'm really happy with the result! It's a completely new style so I felt a bit nervous but I think it turned out okay. I think I'll do this eye style in the future ^^ .  I borrowed Clairey's bodyline wig and I really like the colour on me, which is a surprise! I didn't think I'd suit blonde ^^. 
Outfit Rundown ^^
Dress: Tralala
Skirt: Miss Selfridge
Necklace: Jesus Diamante 
Bracelet: Topshop
Hair Pieces: La Pafait and Magical Harts (coming soon!)
Wig: Bodyline.

I Really love my new tralala dress and used a fluffy skirt to make it more poofy ^^ I got to wear my necklace Clairey bought for me for our birthday too, were 22 now! Me and Clairey are going out tomorrow to meet up with Rachel tomorrow for a shopping lunch date~!

What's your favourite Gyaru Brand?
Blog soon xx  

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Enter the Kawaii World of Brogan Coral | Art Prints Review

When I was searching on storenvy to find some cute prints to put on my boring walls I wasn't having much luck until I managed to find Brogan Coral's shop. Brogan is an illustrator based in the UK. Her shop offers mini prints, large prints, books, pins, sparkly prints and more.

Immediately I fell in love with her artwork. Its an over the top kawaii overdose, and that is good thing. The women in her art look like they've just came out of  mahou shoujo anime and everything just looks so dreamy. Her artwork features different Japanese fashion styles and some well known figures too. I've actually ordered from her twice now and this isn't a sponsored review. But let's get into it.

Quality & Pricing

Above are the pictures of what I ordered. One large print and two small prints. With the Large print costing $9.00 (As storenvy only sells in dollars) and the small prints being $3.00. 

The picture quality of these prints are amazing, everything is very clear, vibrant and there's no grittiness or pixelation. This go for both size prints. All of it seems to flow pretty nicely and it doesn't look like it's been stretched out to fit. There is a difference of the type of papers though. For the smaller prints they're more glossy with rounded edges whilst the larger prints have a more smooth matte finish with normal edges. None of which affect the quality.

The pricing seems pretty fair to me, infact I feel the pricing is very affordable. If we take in dollars and turn them into pounds which as of today's post a large print is £6.49. Which seems good to me considering I'm buying this off an indie illustrator and the quality being as good as it is. 

Post and Packaging.

With the cost of shipping to the UK being $8 which converts into £5.77 which again seems fair to me considering the costs of posting itself, the envelope is was posted in and also the packaging costs. Each of my orders were all sent the next day too first class postage and arrived the next day as well! 

It all arrived in wonderful condition with stickers featuring her work being on the envelope which let me know which post to open first and get all excited about! When I opened it, all of her works were packaged nicely in plastic wrapping which made sure all of the prints arrived clean and undamaged. Each piece was wrapped individually too.

Customer Experience

Ok so I've kind of purposely been not telling you something in this post. With every order you get a free gift. Which is a crazy nice thing for the owner to do. I was just expecting some candy or a badge or something small like that but nope she included free artwork! And no not just small art prints, holographic art prints (which my photo really doesn't show off well) and also large prints too which I totally can't find where my photos of them are! Grr!

She seem to also guess which other pieces I would of liked also! 

All of my communications with the owner were lovely too, she quickly messaged me every time my order updated and answered my questions quickly too.

So taking everything in consideration I'd give this store 5 out of 5 stars!

Clairey xx