Sunday, 17 April 2016

FromJapan Haul! Tralala, Liz Lisa, Dream v ♥

Hi guys! How is everyone? Yesterday I finally got around to opening my FromJapan (shopping service) order with all my goodies. I filmed myself opening the haul, so if you want to watch it on YouTube you can here: 

I'm so glad that a lot of Gyarus are doing youtube videos now ^^ it keeps the community alive and will hopefully get new gals interested.

I can't believe I managed to cut myself when opening the packages XD definitely not an adult aha! anyways on to the haul.

Lets start with my favorite  I managed to find this super cute full roomwear set from tralala, I love their roomwear so much! it only was only 525 yen too :o

I got this super cute La Pafait hair band scrunchie. I bought this after getting my Tralala one I wear them as bracelets a lot instead and this one is huge with all the ruffles! 

I finally found another pair of lace leg warmers! I love them so much but they are so hard to find now! I've got two pairs now  white and black and black and pink perf for my wardrobe.

Of course I had to get a Ageha and lashes which I instantly tried on as soon as I opened them XD. I love this cover, its so rock and roll! The lashes are quite different to the ones I use so they're nice to try.

Can you tell I love Tralala yet? Now I can have a complete Tralala outfit XD the black parts of the bag are glittery I don't know if it's come up in the photos D:

For those who don't know I do fashion and my last unit was swimwear, so I bought this in to analyse the construction etc, but it also looks to be my size which is lucky XD 

Unfortunately you don't always win and get the right size when buying online, but that's just the way it is ^^ I'll be selling them on cheap for other gals to get instead.

Oddly right now we are having some warm weather here in England so me and Clairey (and doggy) are taking advantage of it while we can In the garden. I hope it's sunny were you are!

blog soon xx


  1. Tralala is pure love for me *_* I love their clothing and accesories~~
    Awesome haul *_*