Saturday, 2 April 2016

Harts Announcement! 8 Facts About Magical Harts

What's up my cuties?
Finally we can talk about something we've been working on for a long time! Me and Amy are finally making one of our dreams come true. 

We've opened our shop called Magical Harts! 

Now this blog post isn't going to be a huge advertisement but rather a quick inside look at our business Magical Harts, which is a Japanese fashion inspired accessories shop.

We named our store after our love for mahou shoujo anime! We just adore the amazing outfits they wear and just how over the top and kawaii they are.

2) The main styles of our store are fairy, precious and rebel. 

3) We're the home of the bear bows and hearts! We just think their adorable and they sure are a staple of our shop.

4) We don't mass make items. We want to give our items a one of a kind unique feel.

5) Our shop is based in the United Kingdom, but we ship worldwide!

6) This has been two years in the making, including conception, designs, prototypes and more. Luckily the time is right now.

7) Amy's favourite product is the bear bow!

8) Claire's Favourite product is the heart headpieces. 

We're so glad we beat through the last road blocks to get Magical Harts up and running.

If you want to help support us you can visit 

Our Store

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Blog soon cuties~!

Clairey xxx

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  1. You guys sell such cute things, I hope running the shop will go smoothly ^^