Sunday, 24 April 2016

Styles are a changing ~ Ane Gal & Ora Ora?

Hi sweeties!

We all have the moment when all of a sudden you're just not feeling it anymore. Feeling bored with your style and not really sure what you're doing. This moment has been my reality for ages now! 

For a long while I was being hard on myself because of it. I couldn't just keep to one style and that people will think I'm fake, which I know now isn't true. People's styles do change and there's more than one side to people. 

I'm definitely still gyaru I think it's my favourite Japanese fashion style. But maybe not so much with a cutesy style anymore?

Ora ora and Ane gal feels more like home to me now. I was finding rokku to be a bit too young and cutesy for me. I'm 22 and wanted something I bit more sophisticated, but with an edge. Ane gal really has the "I don't give a damn" vibe to it all. It can vary from being more casual to more of a extravagant look. 

For those who aren't familiar with the styles Ane Gal is Onee Gal naughty sister. Think a more sophisticated mature look with an edge. Ora ora is seen as a more tougher gyaru style, mainly have darker colours and clothing can involve hoodies, track suits and ripped jeans. I think the both of the styles can be pretty similar but with ora ora having a more casual feel.

The best gyaru magazine to find these styles is Soul Sister although I have seen ane gal styles lightly shown in Ageha before. Soul Sister can be a hard magazine to find both to buy and to find scans online. So I took the plunge and bought an issue from Japan (oh god the shipping! But I needed this beauty!).

This magazine is turning into the gospel for me XD I put stickers on all the pages I want to scan in and share with you all! But there's so many! Maybe over a few blog posts?

Also me and Amy have a youtube channel now! We're releasing new videos every week! This weeks video is a complete beginners guide on how to use the shopping service From Japan

Blog soon

Clairey xx

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  1. I am not very familiar with gyaru, so I am very interested in whatever You will write about it *_*
    That magazine looks cool~~

  2. I'm looking forward to those magazine scans, since I've been lookin' for those online for ages. Tumblr is also a big help to find inspirations for those styles. That had helped me to gather some looks in particular which I aim for. But I know how you feel! It's really hard to think good of oneself when there's so much you're not comfortable with '-'. And I'm glad you made a youtube channel! Can't wait to see more videos *-*

  3. I love ora ora but I've been lazy about really getting into the style.. maybe I will pick up a Soul Sister mag myself! I can't wait to see what you do with these styles and I'll be looking forward to your future posts about it!

  4. I love oraora and ane gal! If I ever decide to tone down I will be slipping into ane gal as well

  5. Oraora and Rokku have always been my favourite gyaru styles! :D


  6. Ora ora is so wearable, I got into it from rokku too (though I was always the more chilled GoH kind of rokku follower so it was edging towards a Soul Sister kinda look anyway). Ora ora is nice because most of it is pretty comfortable, Soul Sister promotes a wider range of body types, and there's sooooo much ora ora shit you can get on the high street or from ebay.
    I have some scans from Soul Sister on my tumblr that you might not have seen, it is pretty much my bible:

    1. btw don't waste your money getting a copy of the recent one (vol 15), it's a complete fucking disappointment ._. they really toned the whole look down. I'm happy to scan the few decent bits from it if you wanna see them though

    2. Thanks so much for sharing the scans! And yes! It's so much cheaper doing ora ora XD I got some amazing belts from aliexpress that really will suit the style!

      Happy to see you blogging!