Monday, 9 May 2016

Soul Sister scans v11 part 1~!

Hey sweeties!

So in an earlier post I mentioned about scanning my soul sister in as for me it can be a bit tricky to find scans for this magazine. Been thinking about how I wanted to do it and decided to do it in parts to split it up and not make it too picture heavy!

Luckily this magazine is at the time when it's going into spring, so I hope you'll find this helpful ^^

I will eventually put a tab on the blog where you can see just the magazine scans! Shall get that sorted soon. Now on to the scans. (I'll only be putting a max of around 10 in each posts as I don't want it to be too image heavy)

Pure sass and bad ass

Anyone feeling a Juicy Couture feel? Just me?

These were two of my favourite pages, they all look amazing and each model has their own feel. Love how their all in a different brand too!

Awesome outfits for when it's just going to spring! I love how this magazine has people in crazy tights, gothy boots, leggings and more. Soul sister shows you can wear different things and still have a mature look and be gyaru =)

Like industrial sites have always been the best place to hang out.

That's it for this post, it's kind of a feeler for me to see if people like it, how many images I should do and more. It the next posts I include the previous part links as well. Also the magazine has this filter printed on all of the pages, it wasn't my scanner's fault D:

Blog soon cuties


  1. Thanks for the scans! I am so in love with the left coord in the 6th pic, need to get myself a camouflage outer as well

    1. no problem, I know! I super love Soul Sister just has such a different feel to the other magazines. The coords are amazing!

  2. Oh I LOVE ane gal and I really have to get myself a copy of this # of Soul Sister! Thank you so much for the scans ^^ ♥

    1. No problem! This issue has amazing coords in it! I want to do more for sure.