Saturday, 20 August 2016

Goodbye Gyaru

Hello Sweeties

Sorry we haven't been very active on social networks or our blog itself. But the truth is we have been distant ourselves.

We've really been feeling off with our fashion selves and we don't want to blame it on the fact that life has been so busy even if it has been a little.

Things just didn't feel right. We didn't have motivation and generally we were feeling quite unhappy. It wasn't fun anymore and it's quite sad to lose the love you used to have for something.

So the truth is when Hyper Japan came up (an event/con in England more focused on fashion and Japanese lifestyle as well as anime) we were planning our outfits and just didn't feel or want to wear gyaru. That was it.

And it's not slamming gyaru, we've made some amazing friends that we are sure to keep and had some great times going to meetups.

This time at Hyper Japan was quite different, we knew we love Japanese fashion, but we didn't know exactly what anymore. We chose to go more casual in style this time, which totally saved our feet and left us comfortable on one of the most hottest days of the year.

So I guess this leaves what next? 

Well for Amy, she's moving onto sweet lolita a secret love of hers. She always loved and admired lolita but seem to put a ban on it herself due to her height. But with new knowledge and a sewing machine she's finally embracing it. 

But for Claire, well it's going to be more of a journey. She wants to explore and find herself more in J fashion and really likes the more street style aspect. She still loves some gyaru aspects but wants to take it more her way.

So we are back to blogging with lots of exciting things to blog about. We went a bit different with our blog now featuring a beautiful alpaca by Raven, she was amazing and does really cheap commissions and should totally check her out.

Amy and Clairey  


  1. I totally get that feeling! I haven't been into gyaru anymore like I used to and I actually only really wear it about twice a month?
    Anyway, looking forward to seeing you guys in your new styles ^^

  2. Awww, Whatever You will choose, girls- do what You love!
    I am waiting for new notes :D

  3. Please keep updating us on your new styles! WIsh you both luck <3