Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Hello Sweet Lolita

So in the last post, we explained why we were leaving Gyaru fashion. But not how I found myself choosing to do sweet lolita (Clairey is not doing Lolita). I'll be honest I have always loved lolita, but felt it wasn't for me I was too tall and not made for lolita. Luckily I researched lolita again and found Tall lolita blogs and so many helpful guides! 

But before that me and Clairey headed to Hyper Japan with really open eyes looking for items for our new us style. Clairey bought me this lovely necklace since I love pink things and alpacas.

It's so cute! it's like an alpaca/unicorn, it has gems on it as well. I knew I wanted to do a sweet style so this was the perfect present for me thank you sis! Me and Clairey saved up a lot for the event but found we didn't spend much we just enjoyed the event more and did less shopping. I did buy a few things though I bought rilakkuma bear ears

And most importantly Otome no sewing volume 4

Otome no sewing is a lolita sewing book/mook that has many patterns (some you self draft) in so you can make your own lolita wardrobe! I bought this wanting to find some cute unusual patterns and not really for the lolita but, as I sat down with Clairey and my friend who wears Lolita Amy I looked through and fell in love with every single pattern in the whole book. it's very old school and is the autumn and winter which is my favorite season!

When me and Clairey left for the train home I still had my head buried in this book looking at all the patterns and picking out what to sew for myself. Me and Clairey were talking about how creative it is and how it combines my love of sewing as well. That when I knew I had to try lolita again and do it for myself. 

This time J fashion is going to be my outlet and sanctuary. I'm going to create my own clothing and make it fit perfectly to myself and choose the fabrics I want to create my own dream. Lolita to me is a very creative capsule where you can create your own fairy tale look and have it complete. I'm going to be able to express myself and distract myself when I'm feeling burnt out or sad with the world and sew up my own creations.

Needless to say Otome no sewing 4 didn't stay alone for long...
(I'll blog more about Otome no sewing later!)

Now it's time to craft my own fairytale and have it all for myself. I might be a closet lolita at first but that's fine with me. I'm just going to sew my own dreams. If you need me I'll be at my sewing machine


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  1. Go You! Create the most amazing pieces and what's most important- have fun wearing what You love!