Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Lolita Sewing Plans

Hi girls, I thought I would share my sewing plans for lolita. Unfortunatly with university I do not have all the time to give to it so it will be a very slow start! My first skirt I've sewn was a regular elasticated waist skirt so I wanted my next one to be different and more skilled.

I bought two lovely fabrics on rakuten with my shopping service (probably will try tenso next time!) I want to do sweet classic and the ballerina fabric is perfect for it! The rabbit fabric I wanted to do an ott sweet look with and luckily when it arrived it is quite a small print so it will work nice for lolita.

My first project is from Otome no sewing 3 or the selection book (well worth buying you get so many more patterns and if you can't find the volumes it's worth getting the selection) I'm altering it to my size and changing the back to being shirred with a corset lacing overlay. I will be using my ballerina fabric for this one with pink fabric for the ruffles. This one is already in process but unfortunatly the fabric is quite narrow so I have had to stop and buy more fabric for the ruffles but once it has arrived all I will have to do is sew the skirt panels, gather the skirt, sew the skirt on and repeat with the ruffles.

This is my plan for the rabbit fabric with pink fur instead of white. I wont be doing the bonnet with this dress instead I will make some bendable rabbit ears with a headbow attached. This pattern is from otome no sewing 4 which has some very cute old school patterns too!

This cute pattern is from Otome no sewing 5 whch has a fairy tale theme! I've sized up this cape pattern already and I want to make a pink cape to go with my pink chocolate skirt and the rest of my (tiny) wardrobe.

Lastly this dress pattern is what I want to do sometime in the future the bib detailing is just so adorable! I don't have a fabric for it yet but I might make it out of this adorable rabbit (once again) fabric

It's from a U.K fabric shop so shall be so much more cheaper! the other fabric was £9 per metre in total and this is only £4. But that's all in the future, I have no idea when I'll get to sewing all these projects but this will keep me busy for a long time.

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