Wednesday, 7 September 2016

What is Otome no Sewing and How do I use it?

Hi girls, I've talked a lot about otome no sewing but not about what they are. In a sense there like a lolita pattern Ikea, they have pretty pictures of the products in the front then at the end is the instructions and patterns. 

Unlike gothic lolita bible the patterns are non branded ones however instead you get a lot more 'premium' patterns of actual clothes and plenty of them! roughly around 20 probably more!

So here is one of the front pages with coord ideas of all of it's patterns. Here you can see close up shots as well of certain details. Each pattern has a number which is its name once you've chosen a pattern you can go to the back to see the construction method and find the paper pattern of it (more on this later) 

Some of the patterns has photo instructions these are normally for more complex patterns. Only a couple of the patterns have photo instructions but don't worry...

Because the rest have diagram instructions and written instructions too!

But they are all in Japanese???
Yes they are but with the google translate phone app you can translate via photo! just take a photo of the page and let the app do the work for you. Turn flash on in the app as this helps it focus every time. You might get a few confusing translations but don't panic! translate the whole page first and not just little sections, you will find that the other sections will help you figure out any confusing areas. 

Now here are you paper patterns! confused? all the patterns are overlayed each other which means you have to trace off these patterns to which I recommend a tracing wheel. As you may need to alter the patterns tracing off means you can keep the original to check back to when needed. 

In this photo you can see the key, it will tell you what patterned lines to look for, for each pattern and how many pieces it has.

But my pattern I chose isn't on the paper pattern?
Some of the patterns are alterations of another pattern or include some self drafting. But don't worry there is instructions for it in the book sometimes the self drafting is for simple things like ruffles or pom pom balls. Some pattern call for alteration of the pattern but instructions are given on how to do that as well.

The pattern I want to do has a technique I've never done before?
Before the diagram  black and white instructions is a page on how to do certain techniques however google is your friend as well! I only recently learnt how to shirr with elastic thread (so easy!! why was I so afraid of them?) and how to gather with my overlocker.

so to conclude 
- Otome no sewing is a Japanese lolita sewing book with paper patterns in the back
- it has coord ideas at the front showcasing the patterns
-photo instructions and black and white instructions in the back
-It provides paper patterns that you have to trace off as they are all overlayed
- some pattern pieces are not provided but take some self drafting or alteration of a pattern that is already in the book.
- The books are seasonal one for s/s and one for a/w

I've managed to find these books at £15 and to get 20 or more patterns from it is an absolute steal! You can draft these patterns your self if you take long enough but to have already thought up patterns and instructions included projects is such a luxury. The patterns range from simple to detailed clever cuts. From scarfs and mittens to Ops and fluffy bear coats! I hope I've been able to help explain what these wonderful books are sewing lolita was a bit daunting for me but now with these books I have so many wonderful projects to choose from!

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  1. I am not very good at sewing but this looks awesome *_* Maybe when I'll buy new sewing machine, I will try to purchase at least one volume to check if it works well for me <3