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YumeTwins August Kawaii Subscription Box Review ♥

Hi cuties!!!

So first off I want to see this review is not sponsored at all, I bought this with my own money and all opinions are 100% mine.

Right now that's out of the way. Me and Amy have been wanting to get a monthly subscription box for a while and we checked out some (which were all Japanese related be it snacks etc) but we weren't overall impressed. Me and twinny have been subscribed to this subscription box since it started 3 months ago. But really when we got them we were so excited we opened them up straight away and never really took photos or anything... until now!

So this is the August box I'm reviewing which theme was Loveable Animals. I'll be reviewing the design/ concept, the price, and the actual contents.

So what is Yume Twins? Well its a monthly subscription box from the people of Tokyo Treat. The people behind the boxes are actually based in Japan and all the goods are official merchandise. But Clairey, more about the box! Ok, so its a Kawaii monthly subscription box where you now get 8-10 items that fit into the Yume Kawaii style! The yume style, which the website describes as "a mixture of cuteness, fairytales and more importantly a touch of darkness! (yami)"  

So the design of the actual box and the idea of the subscription box to me is a magical girl dream.  The box outside and inside is beyond adorable with their two mascots,  and all the cuteness surrounding it in a lovely lavender colour.  

Now on to the contents, before I get into August's contents, I just want to quickly state what type of items you get. As I said before you get around 8-10 goodies. But what they include are all official merchandise which includes, plushies, stationary, figures, keyrings and accessories. So what brands have they included? Sanrio, Alpacasso, Bandai, Rement and lots more.

Now onto Augusts box. 

So in every box you get a little magazine which includes descriptions of the items you get, news from Yume Twins and insights of whats popular in Japan at the moment. The magazine is super cute and all designed with their mascots and original art which is a super cute box.

First is a blind box that is a cute little charm of yummy cakes and dessert. We really liked this, it was well made and though a small item still nice,

Then we got this egg carton, with GUDETAMA. We get this squishy pink egg with a little gudetama inside. Totally cute, totally adorable and totally pink. 

Couldn't get the best picture of this but I love pompompurin so much! The pen is quite good actually, blank ink and writes pretty well. It has a cute stamp like design on it, I was so happy when I got this.

As the theme of the box loveable animals this pink alpacasso sure fits the bill! Again it's pink so Amy was over the moon. It's cute and adorable and it has a ball chain on it so that you can put on your bag etc. Another great item. 

Cute face and hand towel featuring a cat from an anime? Doesn't really matter, it's a nice design and it's useful.

Another loveable animal. This is an item that you could of got one of a few. It's really soft and cute! And it's currently on my bag.

Oh my god. This is so so amazing, A thick notepad with lines, neko atsume pad. I don't actually like cats but neko atsume is just so charming. And its stationary! I collect it and I've used this pad a lot, so cute.

So I adoreeee pom pom purin! Like he's my favourite Sanrio character and when I saw this I went crazy. So cute and I'll probably never use it because I love it too much. It's a letter set and includes stickers too. 

Mini Review

So as this post has gone rather in depth I'll try keep this too the point. Shall be giving my last thoughts and a rating out of five.

The design/concept of this box is just amazing. So adorable and a bit of a gap in the market. I'm totally for the design and concept so this is a 5/5.

Now the price is different for everyone depending on their month package or which offers they have. Generally they always have some sort of offer on which helps with the price and the flat rate $6.99 worldwide shipping seems fair. With all the items in the box I do think it's really worth the price so I'll give this a 4/5.

Contents, well this is easy for me. You get 8-10 items and for every box I've had I have been pleased with everything! Even if it's something I'm much of a fan of it's all really cute and the other items in the box are normally really on point. 5/5.

So I really love this subscription box and if you're wanting kawaii items that aren't always candy or anime related this is for you. They normally have some sort of offer on so if there isn't one on at the moment, might be worth waiting a bit. You can find their website here

Sorry if this got rather in depth, if there is anything I didn't cover please comment and I'll gladly get back to you!

Clairey xoxo   

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