Monday, 17 October 2016

It's a Magical Word: 5 Mahou Shoujo facts~

I love magical girl anime and it's a huge part of my life so when I realized I didn't have not many posts on it I knew I had to fix that right away!

So here is five magical girl facts that relate to my life.

1. The first magical girl animes I watched were technically Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura, and they are my favourites. But when I watched them I was young I didn't realise that they were animes at all. The first one I watched knowing about magical girl anime was Tokyo Mew Mew!

2. Magical girl anime is a huge part of my life, it motivates me, inspires me and keeps me going. I know that seems silly but the very ethos of it is girl empowerment, to not give up and that you can do anything! Magical girls can save the world!

Anime: Aikatsu 

3. I think idol anime is very similar to mahou shoujo anime. And it inspires me too! Both animes have adorable costumes and crazy coloured hair, a moral ethos and some idol animes are based around saving the world. I haven't been into idol anime much, but it's something growing onto me for sure. (I know this is more opinion than fact but I wanted to include it)

4. I'm beginning quite the collection of magical girl collectibles. Nice start right?

5. Remember how I said magical girls are a big part of my life? Well it's infused in my very passion too. I've never been the best with confidence and it took me a while, but in life I want to sell my creations and share my joy of magical girls! Magical Harts is the name of our brand, so far it's jewellery and accessories but we have aspirations to make it go bigger and bigger. So as my skills grow, Magical Harts will too! It's very inspiration is magical girls and Japanese fashion! 

So these are my facts! I want to do a post on Magical Harts more and explain what's behind it but I get worried it will look like an advertisement when I'm wanting to just share my love for it and what it's like have a small independent shop.

Let me know what you think of my facts and if you'd be interested in more posts about our brand 

Peace cuties!

Clairey xxx

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  1. The first shoujo manga I ever read was Tokyo Mew Mew. Mainly because it was broadcasted as well.