Thursday, 6 October 2016

Kawaii Fall Haul - Clothing, Make up, Accessories, Plushies and more!

What's up cuties!

So this post is all about the fall haul. The haul for fall. Falling into the haul for fall. Using the American word for Autumn because it rhymes with haul haul.

Right now we got this sorted let's get onto it.

So I guess the first thing is this fold away bag that I got from Primark. I'm a huge disney fan and just love this disney villians. I just had to get it.

I really wanted to try a baseball cap as I've never really been a baseball cap person. I got this cap from ebay rather cheaply as I just wanted to see if it suited me. And it kind of doesn't, it doesn't suit me with my natural hair which is rather short, but with wigs I love it! I really wanted one that would go with the japanese street fashion feel I'm going for recently. Bonus picture of me and my twin trying to look tough whilst looking like a pink powder puff.

Trust that Toki Doki will always inject colour into your life! I saw these on Dolls Kill when they were doing worldwide free shipping. I don't think I'll buy from them again as they don't have the best reputation. But let's talk about the goods, I am living for this headband! How cute and sparky is it? Totally going to be wearing that all the time and the Hawaii unicorn plushie will always remind me of the warmer months through the cold months. Perfect.

Let's carry on with the accessories hey? I think everyone knows about the pom pom puff ball craze at the moment, and I personally love it. The pink one is from skinny dip and the green is from Primark. Different colours for different moods. Plus I saw these adorable tights again from Primark. They remind me of ame kaji gyaru and will be great for Japanese street fashion. 

I love unusual jewellery, especially one featuring bugs! I don't know why but I have quite a passion for them on jewellery and clothing. Plus this reminds me of a relic that Indiana jones would find! I got this from Topshop recently.

(Sorry for the black in the corner, didn't see until now)

So were onto one of my favourite things ever, make up. To really go with the autumn feel me and twinny wanted to try out some darker almost jewel like colours. So the Morphe Zodiac palette being well priced and having all the colours we want seemed like the right buy. Haven't had much of a play around with it yet but I am planning a look soon.

Something I know is always reliable, great pigment and coverage is the OCC Cosmetic Lip Tars. They are the only "liquid lipstick" that I fully trust. I love the shine and finish of it too, I'm not always a fan of matte finishes. The lip colours we got were Digitalis (a perfect must buy for J fashion looks), Blackboard which is the dark green colour (It dries a different colour on lips than it does on skin) and Strange and Unusual which is a gorgeous metallic purple. All of the products above were bought on Beauty Bay. Whilst I've heard some people have had issues with them, all of my deliveries from them have been fine.

I only want to touch on this briefly as I'm going to make a proper post on these but I'm planning to patch up my denim jacket all magical girl gang style! It'll be perfect for Autumn. They all feel great quality so far and not had any delivery problems either! From Left to right:
Eye patches(she included one as gift!) -
Dynamic Doll
Heart gem patch - Fever Dream Boutique 
Sailor Moon patches - Sugarbones

As expected I got a Halloween themed top this Autumn. I mean who doesn't? I chose this top as I think I can wear it after Halloween too. I got this from Adolescent Clothing from Asos.

My dear readers, this is the most beautiful jacket I've ever laid eyes on. Well, my twin laid eyes on then totally told me about it cause she knows this is my piece de resistance. I totally love bomber jackets anyway but it's a nice satin blue on the outside with this lace up feature and the inside is quilted and it's totally thick and warm so I won't be going out cold. And children, I've never been happy with an item. This truly makes me feel like I'm in a girl gang and it's TALL so my arms will not be going cold this year. I got this from Asos by the brand Glamorous Tall.

So that concludes my haul, well most of it, some I didn't share as the post would be too damn long and not everything is that interesting...

What are you feeling for this Autumn/Fall?

Please tell me in the comments cuties!



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