Monday, 9 January 2017

New Year New Haul~ Ghost of Harlem, River Island, Betsey Johnson and more!

Hi Cuties!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and new years! I'm feeling really positive and fashion inspired so I wanted to show you my recent buys and gets~

My lovely twin actually got me this ghost of harlem hoodie for Christmas but I wanted to share it as I'm really feeling into gyaru again. (If you didn't know I stepped away from gyaru a bit to try some other styles.) Before I totally just restrained myself into doing one style and we all know that isn't much fun in the end. But I've really been inspired by seeing on the kawaii pateen youtube channel seeing some of the black diamond girls on it and it ignited my love again for gyaru. 

 I got this lovely slip dress from the River Island sales. I love the slip dress/ lingerie style that's in a the moment and it was in several colours but I felt the grey looked the best.

Okay so it's no secret that I love Betsey Johnson, the colours and the cuteness just reel me in. I wanted a smaller bag and this was just perfect.  I got this at tkmaxx in England for £30 but I know the price tag on it was a lot more in dollars originally. So I don't know if Betsey Johnson is a expensive brand in America or not but anyway, I love it and it's totally handy for if you just need a general bag for just going out etc.

So I really treated myself with the Alien perfume but it's really really worth it to me, it smells divine! I also saw the harajuku lovers perfume in the sale section and the bottle totally caught my eye. I will say though, it's not the longest lasting perfume.

Lastly I thought I'd share these two cute books I got for Christmas. The sad animals facts features funny illustrations with well sad animal facts, well more weird then sad. But if I ever need motivation or support, I'll read the pokemon book. I think it will change my life!

Well this is my fairly small haul but I'm feeling super inspired fashion wise and just falling in love with playing around with style again.

Just to let you all know our giveaway only has 4 days left! 

See you in the next post cuties!

Clairey xx

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