Sunday, 29 January 2017

Powderpuffs are a Girl's Best Friend - Style Inspiration

Hi Cuties!

So I've wanted to be more and more personal with this blog and wanted to incorporate more of the stuff I do in life on my blog.

Recently our shop Magical Harts came out with our powder puff hair clip line which you can get as a single (£4.50) or as a pair of ears (£7.00) and we were really inspired by boudoir girly feel.  There also made with faux fur.

Here's Amy wearing her pair of white ribbon Powder Puff ears styling it in a cute Hime Kaji style. But here is three more ways you can style these puffs.

You can style it in a dolly cute Larme kei style similar to Rei. I think this would look great with brands like Swankiss, Honey Cinnamon and One spo.

Or for more of an impact pair it with Hime Gyaru style like Himena. It can perfectly rest on your hime bump.

But you can totally show you 90's baby style with this perfect Britney look.

I hope you liked this style of post. Style inspiration type posts are so fun to me and I love seeing how people would pair things and what their personal flair is.

Clairey xoxo

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