Thursday, 30 March 2017

Catch up, Disney Trips and Magical Harts ♥

Hi cuties!

It's been a little while so I thought I'd do a little catch up! Recently I've been really focusing on mine and Amy's shop Magical Harts.
If you don't know me and sis have our own shop where we sell Japanese fashion inspired accessories, jewellery and more! 

Because I've been having to focus on the shop so much to help it grow I've been neglecting the blog and Youtube a little, sorry!!!
We've brought the boater hats back! They were really popular last time and as I type this it's a really warm sunny day so perfect for boater hats! Check out Magical Harts here.

Also Lovely Lor did a review of a bunch of our products. Check it out for a special discount code ;)

Me and Amy have also booked a special twin trip! After Amy's done with uni for this year we will be going to Disneyland Paris! It will be our first holiday with just the two of us, and we can't wait! We plan to really gyaru it up and blog and vlog. So we are going to be pretty broke for a while and super saving for spending money etc. 

How are you cuties? Enjoying spring? Hope it's super warm and sunny where you are!

Stay cute xoxo


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