Sunday, 16 April 2017

Forever 21 Mini Spring Clothing Haul!

Hi cuties!

So obviously now we are getting quite into spring and that means my wardrobe needs a little update! I wanted to pick up some pieces I could easily pair with my other clothes just in case it is colder weather.

I really wanted to try out Forever 21 as they have a shop in the UK and I constantly see people raving over what cute stuff they have! The price doesn't hurt too! More money saved towards our Disney Trip! (read here)

So starting off with something that I pushed myself to buy. This black halter net cold shoulder sweater is gorgeous though. It's quite tight fitting though which made me nervous, but I'm so glad I bought it. I wanted to get something more real me in my wardrobe. This sweater cost £13. Also I'm wearing a lace front we won in a give away! I never really win giveaways so it was a total shock. The wig is a lace front from Webster Wigs which is where I buy all my wigs from now anyway! Really thick and even in these harsh lights doesn't look too shiny or fake.

I also got this sporty white sweater that has cut out white mesh inserts. I love the recent sporty trend that's in fashion right now. It's £13 and I really love it! The fabrics nice and breathable. I had to get that space tee at £9, it's hilarious. It has a nice baggy fit like a band top. It would be a great piece to layer up when it's colder. 

Over all I do like my purchases. I mean you do get what you pay for but over all I'm quite happy.

There is some sad personal news I wanted to share. You might of seem him in my Instagram posts or snaps but my dog Oscar recently passed away. He was a complete angel and I grew up with him. Thank you Oscar for being with us for 14 years, we love you.

Blog Soon xx


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