Friday, 28 April 2017

The Tale of Twins: Birmingham and the Working Blues

Hey cuties!

Recently both of us were able to go on a rare trip out together to Birmingham. Well it kind of was a working trip. You see Amy goes to uni doing a specialised fashion course and it practically takes up her days, weeks, months. Well just everything. 

But anyway. We were off to Birmingham to go fabric shopping and picking up materials but we were going to make a day of it and go see some of the sites too! Especially the shops.

So I got to test out my new Barbie backpack from Truffle Shuffle. It isn't one of those mini ones either, so it is quite useful. I totally had to add that sheep keyring to it too, so cute. Over all, I say this bag passed the test. It's been made with great quality so if you want to feel plastic fantastic head over to Truffle Shuffle.

Birmingham has a famous shopping centre called the Bull Ring so we hit up that place too. Looking around the mall you saw crazy displays everywhere. I particularly liked this one from River Island.

Topshop had so real cute pieces in. Pastels mixed with sportswear and this adorable Sindy Top.  I'm taking all of this as inspiration for spring this year!

Eventually we had to get to the task at hand and go off on our hunt for fabrics and materials. And it took us everywhere! It felt like we were going down the rabbit hole ending up in places far from the city centre. We were shattered after but we eventually got back.

Despite there being shops galore we didn't really find much clothes we wanted and to be honest, we were on a strapped budget as it was. But Amy scored this amazingly cute Marie Disney top from Primark. It's actually from the sleepwear section but it's totally perfect for everyday too. They had loads of cute things you could rock as an outfit in the sleepwear section so you should totally check it out! Very kind to the purse too ;) Also if you ever wanted to know what £50 of fabric looks like, now you do!

We wanted to kind of do this post as well to explain the absence of my twin Amy. If you've followed us for a while you might of seen some posts she wrote but recently uni has just been overwhelming. I've been helping her all week and being the best personal assistant I can be! But I don't mind at all.

Anyway, when uni ends this year for Amy we should be back to our normal routine!

Stay cute! xxx


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  1. Gotta go to Birmmingham some day, as I've been there ages ago and just only visiting friend, so had no time to walk around. And I am curious about that city itself.

    Marie top looks cute. Primark has cute designs sometimes. I just wish they had better quality ;_;