Monday, 5 June 2017

Embracing Kawaii Even With A Busy Room - Kawaii Room Inspo

Hi Cuties!

 For once it's Amy posting instead of Clairey. I wanted to do this post a few months ago, but now that I'm done with Uni I have the time now yay!

During uni I've been embracing Japanese fashion and bringing general kawaii into my life more. I want to be myself more completely which was something I was very nervous to do, but in the end is was the best thing ever and I wish I did it earlier! I ended up getting my best marks of the year doing a trend prediction package using Japanese fashion as references.  

But Another way I brought in kawaii in my life was making my room kawaii. However my bedroom is my sewing studio / Art studio with sewing machines, A2 sketchbooks and art stuff everywhere. My room is super busy and cluttered with all of my uni stuff which means I can't do intense cute stuff everywhere. So I focused on My walls!

Cute stuff on my wall doesn't get in the way and is also super inspiring. I love my Kera poster and flower lights. The large posters came in useful since I mostly had small prints woops! Also spot the Ozzy my cute old doggie I miss him so much.

Alongside my Brogan Coral and Shiroi Room (I'm sorry I don't know the other artists names) art I have a few shop items such as my Mars shopping bag and Acdc Rag postcard. Me and Clairey have the matching tops on the postcard.

I love my Pokemon cuties, but as you can see I'm definitely not finished yet! I need some smaller things to fill in the gaps, so I'm on the look out for more cute artists.

Luckily I also have some shelves that I can fill with all my cute plushies. I only keep my fashion books on the top so I don't have to mess up my plushies yay!

I think you can tell I love pink. I have my One spo faux fur scarf Clairey bought me displayed as it's too cute to put away for winter.

This is where I keep all of my smaller items such as tsum tsums. Everything keeps falling over so its hard to keep tidy!

And even next to my fashion books I have my J fashion magazines, We love Ageha as you can see! Clairey bought me the my melody plushie when she bought her kuromi one, they suit us so much since I love sweet things and shes into dark things more. 

So that's my kawaii but contained room, I know many can't have fully decorated room but we can still make it cute in small ways!

Oh, who's your favourite kawaii artist? I'd love to know more artists!

Stay Cute! xxxx


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