Saturday, 23 June 2018

A Re-Introduction

Hi Everyone!

Recently me and my twin (yes! Were twins~) had got the blogging urge inside of us again. It's been a quite a long time since we were last blogging and a we've grown and changed quite a bit since then. 

The blog kind of lost it's way in it's last posts as we were losing our way too with our love of Japanese fashion and what we wanted to do in the future. It was after our last Hyper Japan (a Japanese fashion and culture convention in London.) we both didn't know what to wear and threw away our planned outfits and had an honest chat with each other. At the time we just didn't feel a connection with what we were doing and decided to take a step back, and be in the moment more. To open our eyes to new things which was exactly what we did. It was actually that fateful day where Amy bought her first Otome no Sewing (a lolita sewing pattern mook.) 

So fast forward a few years, what are we doing now? We both rekindled our passion and love for Japanese fashion. We feel more confident in our own styles as we explored along the way. Claire dabbled with a few different Japanese fashion styles on the more cuter side before finding that she loves more expressive street fashion vibe, with a lot of the vibes coming from Gyaru fashion. Claire's also been trying to incorporate more street fashion and Gyaru styles in her everyday wardrobe and being more true to herself and playing with makeup and hair too. Amy ran off with her Otome no Sewing and began sewing aiming for the Hime style but landed in sweet territory, she also took of all her Gyaru make to do neutral 'lolita' make up. Through time she realized what her tastes are more settling on Hime, Old school and generally more of a girly style of sweet lolita as well for casual days. Oh she also brought back some of her old Gyaru tricks with make up and coordination skills and continues to sew and craft to this day.

So what can you expect to see on this blog? This blog will be a joint twin blog with Claire posting on Wednesday and Amy posting on Saturday both of us have different styles in Japanese fashion so you can expect something different from each post!

From Claire you can expect posts with more street fashion style. I'm very into makeup so you can expect beauty hauls and my thoughts on them. I'll be doing looks and styling posts and I'm also excited to be doing some more fashion DIY posts like patching and pinning my jackets up. I'll also be posting about some kawaii independent brands but as well of cute buys you can get on the high street as not everything can be from Japan and you'll be surprised what you can find!

From Amy you can expect posts that are more Lolita fashion based as I grow my fledgling Lolita wardrobe into a healthy one. You can expect looks and hauls as I try out new brands but also a lot of sewing and crafting posts as well.

We're both so excited for this blog again and already have a month worth of posts planned out and ready to go, seriously we've plotted them on a calendar! We have mostly cleaned out our old posts for a new start but left a few up that we think might be helpful. To keep things clear we made an about us page and we also will sign off on each post with who wrote it as things start to merge together when you are close twins.

Blog soon
Claire and Amy x


  1. I'm glad to see you gals back to blogging!! <3
    I dwindle between Lolita and Gyaru too (and my secret love for larme, haha) so it's nice to find lolita bloggers that also have a gal side, cuz I feel like I cannot let it go yet.
    I cannot wait to see your new adventures!
    Much love,


    1. Thank you <3
      We can't let it go either! for me lolita is my main focus now but I'll always go for my gyaru make up and use my Himegyaru things and Clairey just can't leave gyaru either.
      Thank so much sweetie, we really excited for it!

  2. Welcome back!! Quite a few people are returning to blogging; it's nice to see. I hope we all can be each others motivation. ps. I love both of your styles~ can't wait to see what you guys post!
    - Amiman♥

    1. Ahhh thank you so much! I'm glad more people are coming back to blogging, I think sometimes you need to step back a bit and come back to get your passion back. I hope that too! I really do love our blog, thank you so much~!

      Clairey x