Wednesday, 27 June 2018

A Very Disney Clothing Haul - Primark

Hi cuties

I'm quite excited to be doing this post today as it's one of our first proper blog posts since we've come back to blogging. Recently me and my sisters went to Nottingham where there is a huge Primark which basically is a shop of affordable clothing and home wear. Primark have been doings lots of Disney clothing and cute bedroom stuff too so we like to keep going back so we don't miss out. Luckily as I said it's pretty cheap so it's not so bad on the wallet.

Did we say Disney? Lilo and Stitch is one of my favorite Disney films and seeing this top with all of the Hawaiian flowers just felt so summery and cute. It's more of a crop top and I'm thinking of wearing it with some cute high waisted jeans if it's a bit cooler or pair it with some shorts for a cute simple look. Amy bought this really cutesy Disney logo night shirt that she plans to wear as a long line top (perfect for us as we're tall!). It's in her favorite colours baby blue and pink and to be honest I can just imagine it in a Japanese fashion magazine. 

Another one of Amy's buys. So this was more of a necessity buy but sis really loved the shape and that they're oversized. The little pearl detail around the edges gives them a glamorous touch.

Here's a tall person tip. If you struggle finding tights that fit nicely or are long enough try buying a larger size. Primark's tights actually work for us best compared to more expensive shops too! So I actually bought two of those polka dot heart tights and I love them so much! So cutesy and pretty cheap for what they are. Amy bought the butterfly tights for a future lolita look so make sure to look out for that. But seriously it was such a lucky find. They will go with her dress perfectly and you wouldn't expect to see this design just out in a normal shop.

So I had pick up some face masks. They're not Korean and are the Primark brand but they worked pretty well! I've used the one on the right which was more of a cleansing one and also used the one in the middle which are just some simple cooling eye pads. Both were pretty nice, I haven't used a cleansing sheet mask before so I really wanted to try them out, the eye pads are kind of simple but just what I wanted.

So this was one of the main reasons we went to Primark. They recently released some Disney princess false lashes. We only picked up Ariel's as some were a bit more simple or not the style of lash we'd go for. They remind us of more of a casual gyaru lash so it's something we can try for more of a casual look.

This was just a quick buy that I wanted to show as they're cute. I've really been wanting some glittery shiny lip gloss to use as a topper or just on their own as I don't really feel like wearing matte lipstick for summer. I like that they have a sponge top so they'll be easier to apply.

And that's our haul! A little small, which is good! We wanted to pick up some Disney things and start to get ready for summer! 

What is one of the things you've bought recently which is your fave?

Clairey xxx

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  1. I love the Stitch top!! One thing I bought recently that I love is an oversized denim jacket, I wear it with everything. I can't wait to deck it out with patches and pins ^^
    - Amiman♥