Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Life's a Peach at the Weekend Festival - Beauty Haul & Thoughts

Hi cuties!

I adore makeup, I really really do. It's one of my main loves next to sewing and Japanese fashion. So when I started running out and finishing some of my products I wanted to try out some new things that would be perfect for summer.

I ended up ordering from Beauty Bay (an online makeup shop, based in the UK but ships worldwide) and Debenhams. From Beauty Bay I got the Weekend Festival 10 piece Brush Set by BH Cosmetics after getting the Weekend Festival palette and loving it. I also got some Blotting papers from BH Cosmetics too and I ended up getting a freebie too. I got the Eyeko Lash Alert mascara in a cute little travel size. From Debenhams I got the Sex on the Peach bundle from Too Faced after seeing it on Fyi Beauty (a UK beauty instagram). 

So what's inside this bundle? Well it comes with full sized Better than Sex mascara and Peach Perfect setting powder as well as travel sized Primed and Peachy a matte face primer and Peach Mist mattifying setting spray. It retailed for £33 which is quite a saving for all these products which finally made me want to try some of the Too Faced Peach range.

First of all I love peaches, and this collection smells just like them but not in an over the top way. I've already had the Better than Sex mascara a few times before and it is one of my favorites for sure. It really does lift and makes your lashes look so thick so I was pretty happy to see it included. The only problam I can have with it is that it can sometimes get a little clumpy on the brush. But I was really here for the peach collection.

Primed and Peachy is a cooling matte skin perfecting primer. I was kind of nervous using a matte primer because if my skin can get a little oily, when I've used matte primers before they can make my skin feel greasey and feels like it's just sliding around. The product comes out peach coloured but it doesn't come off that way on the skin. I've worn it a few times now and I'm really impressed. It is a thick primer but I have no problems with it being oily or feeling like it's sliding around. It truly is a great matte base and I'll definitely be rebuying this. 

Next up is the setting powder which actually is my fave product of the bundle. The packaging is amazing and you are getting a lot of product. The sifter even is in a peach shape. It's such a fine powder and feels perfect on the skin and the scent isn't overpowering at all for me. 

Lastly up is the Peach Mist setting spray. I've heard some people complain that it smells very alcoholic which even though I could smell it a little it didn't bother me although the scent is more strong so it could be a problem for some people. The spray comes out as mist but me and my twin kept having problems with the spray button getting stuck and the nozzle getting build up so it wouldn't spray properly. I would say it did perform well keeping my makeup on especially as it was extremely hot when I was wearing it too. But I don't think I'll get this again.

Now onto the Beauty Bay portion of the haul which was a bit of a disappointment but not on Beauty Bay's part. They delivered it really quickly and packed it well. It was more on the BH Cosmetics brush bundle. I have seen some great reviews for BH brushes before and seeing how cheap they were at £22 for 10 brushes I decided to check them out. The bristles are really soft and the brush handle itself felt nice to hold but I can't use most of these brushes. They hardly have any density or firmness so when I tried to use them to contour and apply eye makeup it wouldn't really apply any product and when it did splayed them all over my face where I didn't want it. The eye shadow blending brush was way too long so it was hard to control. I think I can use about four of these brushes. I'm sure BH has some great brushes but I would give the Weekend Festival bundle a miss. I haven't tried out the blotting papers yet but they're nice and cheap at £2.95.

The Eyeko mascara is pretty nice. It's infused with Caffeine, Arginine and Biotinoyl which I don't understand how caffeine is good for your lashes but hey. It has a curved brush which was amazing for my lower lashes as it curved to their natural shape but I don't think I'll be reaching for this mascara over my other ones.

So overall, I'm more happy with my Debenhams haul than the Beauty Bay but I'm glad I tried some new things. I think for me brushes are something I can't just cheap out on. 

So what did you think to this post? I really wanted to include more beauty type posts on the blog as I love reading beauty posts myself. 

Thanks for reading~

Clairey xxx

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