Saturday, 7 July 2018

Lolita Wardrobe 2018 Midway

Hello cuties, I know this post is usually done at the start or end of the year but I wanted to show of my wardrobe I've made so far. It's only last winter that I seriously got into lolita and started to understand what I like so it isn't a massive wardrobe but I'm very happy with it. 

Before I get started I would describe my style as hime (I think hime really comes to life with hair and jewellery, lolita can be really dressed up or dressed down.), sweet and building up to casual. My colours are pink, white/cream and lilac and I would also say that I am a part time lolita and don't wear it too often. Also to make it easier I haven't included many 'normal' off brand pieces to try keep down on pictures.

Oldest left to newest right.
Perfume jsk Fraises Taobao, Dreamy Fairy Angelic pretty in pink and lilac, Love Potion Rocky Taobao and Dream Heart Day and Night Butterfly Sling Jsk Rocky Taobao. 
The perfume jsk was the first ever jsk I bought, I bought it second hand off someone on Facebook, I got it because I loved the motifs and it was a good price. Looking back on it now, it isn't the exact style I was going for at the time but now that I want to do casual it works quite well. I love my Dreamy Fairy dresses they're so easy to wear and can be dressed up nicely for hime. I love the prints that Rocky come out with and they're very affordable, not tall friendly but I have an underskirt and adjust the straps. Look out for a review on the newest dress in the future.

Oldest left to newest right.
ShinkuRose blouse, New Look jumper, Bunny House Hime sleeve blouse, handmade cutsew and Lady Sloth crop blouse.
Again with my oldest purchase you can see it doesn't perfectly fit in with the others, it was made to my measurements and is lovely quality but I wasn't focused enough with my style at the start. With my height I ordered many custom blouses and can recommend Shinku Rose, Bunny House and Lady Sloth to anyone that needs custom sizes. I want to make more cut sews for myself as they're perfect for casual and also so much fun to make!

Oldest left to newest right.
Metamorphose Lucky Pack skirt, MeLikesTea underskirt and Handmade plaid skirt.
This is where I'm lacking the most but I don't like to buy brand skirts in as they don't fit well. My Metamorphose skirt was bought back when I wore Hime gyaru and has a nice jewellery print on it. I've got many skirt projects in the pipeline though with my large pile of fabric waiting!

Jackets and Outer
Oldest left to newest right.
La Pafait bolero, BTSSB Teddy Ribbon cape, Handmade Matching Plaid Otome no Sewing cape and Crop Cardigan.
I'm really happy with my jackets nearly all of them are winter pieces but I only really wear outer pieces in the winter. I included one of the many crop cardigans I use for wearing lolita casually which I have in different colours as they're so easy and useful. 

I'm not going to list them all but this is the collection I'm most proud of. I've carried many pieces forward from my Hime Gyaru days with my La Pafait and Jesus Diamante necklaces/headpieces and they all hold a lot of joy to me as I hunted them out from auction sites. My jewellery is where my lolita becomes quite Hime and it really does transform my wardrobe. You might spy a few Cutie Creator pieces which I will be doing a review on soon. I love my indie brand pieces too with Bubblegum Emporium and Puvithel being favourites. But I think all of this selection shows the hunt I had for the special items, the rare pieces or just the perfect colour or motif to go with a dress which was really fun and makes it special when it all works together. Btw the pink Onespo fox muffler is faux fur and the bear bracelet near the bottom left is handmade by me and my twin and available in our Etsy Store Magical Harts!

Oldest left to newest right.
Diamond Honey Heart Ita Bag and Angelic Pretty Heart Enamel Bag.
Since it was nearly 30 degrees C when taking these photos and having to turn off the fan so I could shoot them, I just decided to take photos of pure lolita company bags. My twin and I bought two of the ita bags together when the pre order came out and we both took them to Disney and twinned together, it's such a big bag so it was perfect for it. The Angelic Pretty bag was a gift from my twin so is very special to me, it is a micro bag and the complete opposite to the Diamond Honey one!

So that's my wardrobe so far! I'm quite happy with it considering it's only a baby part time wardrobe. I love dressing and planning my Lolita coords I feel I can make a lot of different outfits with the pieces I have and I look forward to finding new pieces and curating my wardrobe further.

What piece are you coveting for your wardrobe next?

Blog soon x


  1. Very cohesive and versatile wardrobe. Love the butterfly JSK <3

    1. Thank you! I've learnt so much already from my first purchases.

  2. cute wardrobe!! I need to check out bubblegum emporium.

    1. Thank you! do it's such a cute and affordable store! she is closing down soon :(

  3. such a sweet and cute wardrobe~! I really love the accessories and the plaid cape!
    - Amiman♥

    1. Thank you sweetie! I love buying accessories, The cape was so fun to make too.