Wednesday, 11 July 2018

My Kawaii Pin & Patch Collection!

Hi cuties!
So today's post is something I'm so excited to share, my cute pin and patch collection! I love that you really can show who you are as a person and what you like straight away by pinning and patching up your jacket making it something unique to you. I've always been into patches but recently pins have become really popular with loads of kawaii artists now coming out with their own designs you can really mix and match. I'd thought I'd give you a little sneak peak at my collection at the top but I'll be breaking down my collection in this post with all the links of course!

So let's start with the pins~

Disney Pins
Beauty and the Beast 4 piece set and Duffy pin
I got these pins when me and Amy went to Disney Land Paris and they're such a lovely reminder to have of our trip. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite films ever so I had to get a pin set even if it is a little on the basic side. Duffy was really popular at Disney Land Paris and they also had their version of "build a bear" where you can get Duffy or Shellie May with loads of cute outfits and I so wish I got one but I was getting short of money at the end.

Top to Bottom, Left to Right.
Shiroi Room, is one of my favorite artists at the moment. I have loads and loads of her prints all over my room. Her work is always cutesy and has a Japanese fashion edge. Sailor Moon is my favorite anime ever and I'm trying to watch all of the original again. The makers of the kawaii Illuminati pin is an amazing shop we've been a supporter of for a while and I couldn't recommend them enough. I can't not mention that the moth pin glows in the dark. 

All of these pins except from the unicorn I got for my birthday from my twin! I love the pastel custesy theme and they've actually got glitter in them too. I've got total heart eyes for that cake. I got the unicorn pin whilst I was on holiday but I do think they have an online shop too. It's wooden so it is a nice contrast to my other pins.

Onto the patches.

Wow, wow wow. The magical theme continues and I absolutely love this back patch. I love the heart bubbles plus the mermaid looks pretty bad ass. The quality of these patches are amazing too.

I think these two patches really show my style. Dark with a bit of sweet. I really cant choose!

These were some more patches that were gifts. The heart gem is actually iridescent and the purple thread with it goes so well. I love the font of the everything sucks patch!

Lillian Cuda 
I really really love these patches. I have already sewn some on my other jacket and she really mixes cute with creepy well. I def want to buy some more patches from her. I love that you can have the same design but on different colored fabric.

Also I'm using the pins me and my twin designed for our shop Magical Harts~ They're very magical girl and Japanese fashion inspired and over the top cute!

I've already started on one jacket but I already have plans for my next two, cant help myself!

I've only sewn these patches on the back so far and haven't added any pins yet as I want to fully patch it first. Saying this again, but isn't Lillian Cuda awesome!

And these are my two other jackets! The pink one is from Primark and it has a utility feel but the pastel makes it so cute. It may be a little harder to patch as it pretty distressed and ripped but I think I can make it work. I got the denim shirt from a vintage fair and I may need to alter it a bit to fit better but I love the almost cowboy like features near the collar.

And that's my patch and pin collection! I know this post was a little on the long side but I wanted to fit everything in! In the future me and Amy will be doing craft update posts and I'll be including my progress on these jackets along with other things!

What items do you collect?



  1. (TAT) these patches and pins are amazing. I've always loved patches but I'm just starting to collect them myself. I can't wait to deck-out my denim jacket! (ps. i'm in love with that pink jacket lol)
    - Amiman♥

    1. Thank you so much hun! Collecting them is so addictive but ahh it can be expensive too! And thank you, my pink jacket was such a random bargain, I wear it all the times, it has so many pockets :o