Meet The Bloggers

Meet The Bloggers!

Ophelia of Harts is a blog run by two British twin sisters! So come meet us.

Amy is 23 and the older pair of the twins (even if it's just one minute) and currently is going to uni doing a specialised fashion degree.  Originally getting into the Japanese fashion gyaru first Amy is now exploring different J fashions like lolita and is finding her own personal style. Her favourite colour is pink, she loves Japanese fashion brands W♥C and La Parfait and fave Disney movie is Lilo and Stitch.


Claire, 23 and is currently spending her time studying and focusing on their shop Magical Harts. Clairey likes the more street style aspect of Japanese Fashion and loves to experiment with makeup and wigs. Fave Japanese fashion brands include Glad News and Tutuha. Favourite colour is lilac and loves the Disney Beauty and the Beast. 

The twins have their own shop online called Magical Harts where they sell their handmade Japanese fashion style accessories, jewellery and head wear. 


  1. You guys are gorgeous ♥ I didn't know about your blog so I'm a follower now <3 xoxo

    1. Wow thank you Cutie you're gorgeous <3 followed you back! xxx