Tuesday, 25 October 2022

Baby Love, Gyaru Baby Doll sewing and Leopard Look

 Hey cuties! 

After the success of our shorts and dipping our toes back into sewing ✀ I thought I would jump right back in. Instead of buying a commercial pattern and going for a simple project, I decided to use my uni lingerie design knowledge. With creating your own pattern and making your own clothes, you get to make the perfect fit for yourself. So it makes sense to make a staple and something that can be made again and again. I chose a staple gyaru piece of a babydoll/negligee. The babydoll design is used by multiple brands and multiple substyles which also makes it a good pick for Clairey and I. I obviously looked at DIA for my inspiration for the pattern 🌟

 I picked up a bralette that was on sale and deconstructed it and used the garment as the base of a pattern which I would develop into my own. I drafted using our own measurements to alter bra cups pattern and create a back pattern as well. It was nice using my skills from university again.

Once I was happy with the pattern I made my first toile (practice piece) it was quite successful but just needed a little more altering, I was quite happy that it only took 1 toile to perfect and move onto making my first real baby doll πŸ’–

Inspired by DIA's denim details, I upcycled a denim jacket that was too big and used it for the cups. I used a scarf which I thrifted as well πŸ’– I really try to be eco friendly and not wasteful, as I know how much waste there is with fashion in general. I find the challenge fun making something old new.  Even when I buy new fabric I buy deadstock fabric, which is leftover fabric from the fashion industry that would just go to the landfill. I get cute cheap fabric and save waste win win 😁

And here are my two first babydolls! One upcycled one deadstock fabric. I made a matching gathered skirt as well for the paisley babydoll. I made these both in the summer and the paisley was perfect for the heatwave 🌞 

Extra details, I love the gold beads on the scarf. πŸ’“ I made detachable chain straps so I could use one strap across many baby dolls it will also let me use different straps as well on them in the future.

I'm really happy with this pattern, I made it have elastic in the back for ease of wear and make it always fit nice. Moving into autumn I wanted to make a dress inspired by the denim/leopard DIA pieces to make a dream design for myself. 

I had this beautiful gold embellished denim fabric which has a 3d paint effect to it, once I sewn the cups I realised it has actual constellations in the fabric! ⭐ 

The leopard print fabric is covered in ruffles which give great texture and look so cute πŸ†

WIP of the legwarmers I made to go with the dress, I then added some gold buttons to finish off these legwarmers.

And this is the result! 😭 I'm so happy with how it turned out and its now one of my favourite pieces. I really perfected the pattern and had the perfect two fabrics that went together so well. I feel like a cowboy sheriff with the stars and leopard print. 

No surprise I went with gold bronze eye make πŸ˜‚ I curled my new hair extensions as well and made some new silver streaks to go with them. Also I was so excited to wear my new dress I forgot to put on my DIA belt and cardigan, so just imagine a belt on 😁

I've caught the sewing bug now and I have two more projects cooking, including a dress for HalloweenπŸ¦‡ Blog soon cuties.


Thursday, 6 October 2022

JSG and D.I.A Gyaru Inspired Short DIY's plus Looks~


Hi cuties!

How are you all? We hope you are all good ^^ Now to blog about something that was in the past but we needed more photos so it's just happening now... Why don't we make things easier on ourselves!!! πŸ˜…

We got the idea to do a fun gyaru inspired DIY after Clairey saw some JSG skirts she fell in love with 😍. They were perfect... But also tiny and Clairey preferred shorts! So the seed was planted, Clairey was going to drag Amy into doing some gyaru inspired shorts πŸ’–

The skirt in question! JSG did the skirt in different colourways and it's just so cute. With the bow on the back it looked just like a present! We haven't been able to find any worn pics or model pics with this skirt, so please let us know if you have some.

What Clairey came up with! So initially these shorts were quite long, so we went about shortening it but leaving room to do some cute turn ups! We already had this leopard fabric from our usamimi's we created which was handy, it's so plush and soft. Instead of making a double layered bow she went for a single layered one to kind of match the feel of the shorts? Anyway Clairey is super happy with them. You can see both of our looks we did with our pieces further down in the post ^^ But now onto Amy's inspo and finished piece!

Amy chose D.I.A as inspiration for some tsuyome shorts. She wanted to use leopard print to match Clairey but also build her (small at the time) tsuyome wardrobe off of it and have leopard print be her animal print of choice! Amy really was inspired by the leopard print edging on so many D.I.A pieces and created this. 

To bring leopard detailing to the front Amy did a heart applique and applied some diamante alongside it πŸ’Ž.  Using the second shorts as inspiration she did the fur cuffs on the back pockets and used large metal buttons. Amy originally planned to make a matching top with leopard cuffs but unfortunately as you can already see in these photos Amy had lost some weight and the shorts ended up being too big. Never mind though as doing up these shorts inspired us to start sewing again after a year of burn out! So we definitely will be making more in the futureπŸ’– 

Even though both of these projects are simple and quick they created really cute shorts and sparked us off sewing again. It was really fun to play and create our own pieces 😊 These shorts came in perfect for an outfit challenge which was about our favourite boom - leopard print! πŸ†

Outfit Rundown
Usamimi: Magical Harts (we have closed our shop but might do small drops of usamimis in the future! πŸ‘€)
Necklace: Glavil by Tutuha
Top: Animal Kingdom Disneyworld
Hoodie: Ghost of Harlem
Bag: Boguta
Shorts: DIY
Legwarmers: Made by Amy πŸ’–

Clairey here πŸ’€Ahhh I think this is one of my fave coords I've ever done! πŸ’“ Dark but livened up by all the leopard and the shorts. I think these kind of looks are going to be one of my Autumn staples. The hoodie really helps give it some shape and makes it more rokku. Thanks Amy for buying it me! Also how cute is the leopard bow bag! We got them from a brand called Boguta which is a lolita Taoboa brand. Amy also has a pink version and we got the bags with multiple straps so it can be worn in different ways. Look out for a review from us soon.

I do kinda miss my pink and blonde hair. It was so gyaru and just made everything extra cute. Amy also helped me do this flicky style Kanako from Egg did πŸ’“. Thanks Amy! It gives the look more of an edge. I really like my make here too, rusty browns and oranges are my fave eyeshadows, my old reliable. Like I said before I think this is going to be my vibe going into Autumn and I can't wait to wear my shorts again. Amy bought us (sensing a pattern? Don't worry, I get her stuff too πŸ‘€) some matching Backs leopard cardigans so we can twin, so you will def see these shorts again πŸ˜‚ 

Outfit Rundown
Usamimi : Magical Harts (we have closed our shop but might do small drops of usamimis in the future! πŸ‘€)
Necklace : Primark
Top : Animal Kingdom Disney 🏰
Jacket: Missguided thrifted
    Belts: ASOS
Shorts: Me!

Amy here! ⭐ I really love doing all white outfits in tsuyome, they really stand out and go so well with gold jewellery and belts. When I saw this top at Disney I knew I had to get it, the bow is sequins and it's so fun. Unfortunately the top now is the only thing that fits 😭 I only wore the jacket once or twice too sad times. I was inspired to get a fringe jacket after seeing lots of fringe detailing by D.I.A, they're definitely one of my main inspirations at the moment.  

I feel like gold bronze eye make now is my uniform πŸ˜‚ I love it, it always works and goes with tsuyome so it will stay! I love how the blonde and pink wig went with the white outfit as well I feel super gyaru with it πŸ’–

This is how we started to get back into sewing and we cant wait to share some more of our projects with you. Amy has been doing laps around Clairey so you have definitely got more in store to come.

Blog Soon

Clairey and Amy xoxo