Thursday, 4 August 2022

My Gal Summer Staples~

 Hey cuties!

Amy here, we had a crazy heat wave in the U.K recently and we are very much in summer at the moment 🌞 Both Clairey and I are trying to enjoy it as much as possible even if we are doing our studies at the same time, we just do them outside 📚

But also it really inspires me with gyaru, especially Tsuyome a lot of my inspo pictures for that are summer based and now I can wear them for once 😂 In one of my chats with the lovely Katja we were sharing inspo and she sent me this photo. 

I think we were originally talking about zebra print in gyaru but when I saw this hair I knew I had to try it for myself as I had the perfect wig for it! 💇 After watching lots of YouTube I felt more confident about trying an updo for a wig and came out with this.

I did soo much back combing for this style and actually brushed some of it out a bit as it was getting very tall but I was really happy how it turned out. The original wig didn't have any curl or wave just some flicks at the end but I felt like it needed a bit more texture to it so I broke out my wavers.

I chose to go for small waves and very sectioned apart. I didn't have my usual hairspray and ended up using one with a coconut scent, fair to say the room smelt like coconut for a while 🥥 I played around with brushing the waves out to get it like the original inspo but liked this style more. 

Of course I had to wear it the next time I wore my D.I.A pieces 

Outfit Rundown
Top and Belt: D.I.A
Shorts: Misguided Thrifted
Sandals: Doc Martens 

This gorgeous paisley top is perfect for hot days I wore this for a chill day with Clairey where we caught up with a lot of Marvel movies and then had some sunny drinks in the garden. I really love the summery feel the wig gives with the outfit. 

I wore my new lenses again and I feel a lot more used to them now. They're a lot more subtle so you can see my two different coloured eyes more (blue and green!) I used my new palette from Colourpop the Rock Candy one which is full of cool tone neutrals. It's such a go to palette it has everything! Feeling the metallics of neutral coloursI used gold glitter as well on my under eye. 

Another quick summer outfit I wore after work one night, I work in the evenings so I try to make use of my time at night and wanted to wear this Avira Pink hoodie that I got for steal it's so cute, colourful and comfy too! This is pretty much my summer uniform right now, shorts, D.I.A belt and something colourful.

Neutrals with a pop of colour are also such a go to for summer, it always works and ties into the outfit 💖

Anyways I'm writing this now in the last minutes before I have to go to work so blog soon cuties I hope you are all having a goods summer as well 💕

Saturday, 9 July 2022

Snakebites Twin Coord + New Split Hair


Hi cuties 💕

How are you all? Our British Summer has going hot and cold literally 😂. But we are still trying to keep the summer vibes alive! Clairey is having some time off from work but unfortunately has been sick! 😭 But nonetheless has been trying to make the most of her time off by sewing 👀 (blog post coming up!). 

Last Sunday we had a meet with our gyarusa Cyber and even though it's super rare cause we have such different styles we both this time did some of the same things! Same lenses (just different colour), same lashes, and same eyeshadow! 😮

This is the eyeshadow we used, Snakebite by Peaches and Cream. Its a bronzey green shade with gorgeous glitter and reflect. It's perfect for gyaru being so glittery and neutral but still has a wild side.  We like how we wore it in different ways too.

Outfit Rundown
Necklace: Primark
Cardigan: D.I.A
Top: Sewn by me
Belt: D.I.A
Shorts: Thrifted Missguided
Boots: Asos

Amy here, I'm so happy with this coord 🤠. I've been dying to wear my new cowboy boots and this crop D.I.A cardigan for a while. I've been trying to find cowboy boots and so glad I finally found these, they're perfect for tsuyome. I was finding the cardigan hard to coord as it covers a lot of detail of the neckline and also looks too blocky with a patterned shirt so I whipped up a boob tube top to go with it. It was very simple and quick to make as I just took the pattern from an existing vest. We've both gotten back into sewing recently and to combine it with our love for gyaru was a no brainer 👚 

With such a neutral tsuyome outfit I wanted to go for colourful hair. I take so much inspiration from the Black Diamond gals with their hairstyles which was what I was thinking about when I styled this hair. It's also very summery colours 🌞 I applied the Snakebite eyeshadow and buffed it out just letting the sparkles do the work 💖 I love doing large under eye highlight now I think it balances out my large eyelashes and upper eye make. I've found my staple eyelashes now too. I use these all the time and it's nice knowing just how there going to work each time, much safer 😂

Outfit Rundown
Necklace: Glavil
Top: Walt Disneyworld
Cardigan: Glavil
Belt: D.I.A
Shorts: Primark
Tights: Bettetights
Shoes: Ego

Clairey Here! 🐆 So I think this is now one of my fave coords ever! Everything just totally came together. I knew with my new hairstyle I wanted to go with more of a darker look with some fun leopard accents. I feel like the D.I.A belt gives big Madonna like a virgin era vibes too 😍.

 I changed up my eyeshape a bit with this look and think I prefer it! I went for more of a straighter thick droop then a curved one just kind of by accident but like how it looks more. I think it elongates my eye and gives more of a mature look. I wanted to go for a Happie Nuts inspired make being a bit more sexy and edgey. To be different from Amy, I added a heavy brown orangey crease and then added Snakebite which I think gives more of a sexy grungey look! Also heavy peach blush because I love the strong gyaru blush trend 💖

So What made me change my hair up? I guess I started to get bored of the pink 😅 and seeing Amy with split hair motivated me to try a style a always wanted to try! The two tone blonde and brown gyaru style that was everywhere back in the 2008-2010s gyaru era!

Look at Yun here 😍 This was such a popular style at the time and I thought it was just the cutest and I'm really happy with how my hair turned out. But thanks pink hair, gone but not forgotten.

What's a popular gyaru trend that you've always wanted to try? x

Blog soon
Clairey and Amy