Sunday, 22 July 2018

Sunny Chester Haul - Dr Martens Lush and Disney

Hi cuties!
Earlier this month Clairey and I went on a city break to Chester in Cheshire. Chester is known for being a historic city being found as a Roman fort and has near complete city walls which you can walk around Chester on. It also has adorable black and white shop buildings which are double stacked having another shop on top of them all in the old tudor style. Oh and a Roman amphitheater too and so much more that we didn't take any photos of as it was 30 degrees Celsius both days! We had lots of fun in Chester though shopping, sightseeing and then retreating to cafes and our hotel for cool AC when it got too hot.

However when we got home we did take photos of our combined haul!

When we first arrived in Chester we walked around in the evening to find everything and get a clue where we were we spotted a Doc Martens shop that was having a summer sale so we decided to definitely hit it up the day after and here is what we bought! Clairey bought the Yelena iced metallic pink sandals and I bought the Virginia shoe in lilac as well as pink ribbon laces to wear with them. When we walked in the store we didn't intend to buy any shoes but we fell in love with them and I did really need a pair of summery shoes however, I didn't know they would be docs! If you can see in the picture the pink sandals have been chewed up a bit near the buckle. Unfortunately our loveable baby boy Archie, our Golden Retriever puppy has been teething and managed to run away with them. Luckily it's not the main bit of the shoe so a bit of a doh moment. But it won't stop us from naming and shaming him.


We popped into Lush later to pick up a lip balm and something new which turned out to be Jason and the Argan oil shampoo bar which seems to be now sold out online. The shop assistant we had was really good with suggesting which shampoo bar to get and gave good tips on how to keep it such as letting it drip dry. We don't have a rack to let it dry on so I had to get creative and use this.

Rilakkuma to the rescue! Luckily with the warm weather we've been having I've been able to hang the basket outside to dry (and forget it too.) I hope the birds don't get confused and think it's food!

After Lush Clairey and I found Disney which was also having a big sale, we planned the city break at a good time didn't we? Everything was pretty cheap too! Clairey managed to get these Ufufy note pads for £5 and they have a cute velvet touch feel on them. Mickey and Minnie are lined, Donald and Daisy are square and Goofy is blank. She also got the Stich and Angel Ufufy mini's for £3 too, though we kind of wish there was a Lilo and Scrump set too!

Being just our luck the day we finally get around to taking photographs there was rain after weeks of sunshine! So our apologies for the grey photo. Lastly we popped in the very large Primark, we saw lots of new things our little Primark at home didn't have. In the end we were quite good and we bought the Barbie sleep top to share (We both share our wardrobes a lot, it's good being a twin!) Amy picked up some socks to wear with her new docs and Clairey bought some Stitch socks.

After our stay at Chester we visited Quarry Bank Mill a National Trust property, it was a cotton mill where you could also see the owners house, the employee village and more. There has been a television show based of the mill and the true stories of the people who worked there too. In the gift shop you can buy cotton fabric that was woven on the looms in the mill with print designs designed by local artists and printed locally too! I bought this fabric which has scenes of all the different places at the mill but also has little textile motifs too. I plan to make a lolita skirt with a bustle back as I only got a metre of this fabric having already spent up in Chester. I was so surprised that actually sold fabric made on the looms and probably chatted the lady's ear off with my excitement.

In the end I think we had a pretty good haul, we did want to buy more clothing for summer but getting the docs make up for it. We never expected to get our docs but seeing the summer sale made us take a peek and we really got our dream shoes. We both really loved Chester and definitely want to go back, and maybe next time we'll get some better photos of the place.

Blog soon xxx

Clairey & Amy

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Love Potions Casual Coord

Jsk: Love Potions - Rocky Taobao
Cutsew: Handmade by me
Cardigan: Offbrand
Underskirt: MeLikesTea
Beret and Tights: Offbrand
Crown Bracelet: Jesus Diamante
Bear Bracelet: Magical Harts

When I was planning this coord I really wanted to wear my Love Potions jsk again because the first time I wore it the photo quality unfortunately was really poor. My first coord with this dress was a winter Hime coord but recently I've been wanting to wear causal lolita to prove to myself I can wear it more in general life. My Hime coords take endurance with the full on hair pieces and I want to be able to wear my dresses in more simple ways too! The colours of the jsk are very soft, dreamy and mostly pink so I wanted to stick to pink and whites in my coord so I could match to my underskirt as well. The dress is quite on the short side for lolita dresses so an underskirt is definitely a must!

I think all the different pink tones work well, with the soft pinks and the pop of stronger pink on the beret. The wig is a baby pink/blonde Starlet wig from Lockshop wigs and is my go to wig when not wearing my prisila hair pieces. I definitely want to find some more lolita wigs as I like wearing hats especially berets which I can't wear with hime bump or pigtails. I used the waist bow from the jsk on my cutsew neckline as I found when wearing the large ruffle collar it needed something to balance it out. 

This was the first bear bracelet I ever made as a prototype before I started making them for my shop Magical Harts I made it to match my wardrobe with the pink and white colour way. I really think teddy bears are cute and was super inspired by seeing all the sweet lolita teddy bear prints. I hope to get one myself in pink some day but I haven't found the dress yet.

Here's my eye make up, I wanted to match the pink and gold tones that are in my dress and I'm quite happy with the end result. I used a pink eye shadow from Colourpop as a base for the pink glitter I used from a palette my twin bought me. I then used a golden highlighter for my inner corner and used my staple diamond lash lashes. I don't know if you can tell in the close up but I naturally have two different colour eyes which always provides different results with my lenses!

I definitely now want to wear more casual lolita coords but I'm currently melting away in this heatwave. Has anyone else given up on dressing up nicely in the heat?

Blog soon