Friday, 2 December 2016

Shiroi Room Review Patches, Badges, Print and Sticker

Hi Cuties!

So I've literally decided very last minute that I'm going to be doing blogmas! Now normally some people do a post everyday but I really doubt I can achieve that! I'm going to try do 2 posts a week. I wanted to do blogmas mainly as I'm starting to feel more inspired to blog and want to try explore things and see where things go.

Not all the posts will be Christmas themed, but let's get onto today's post!

Shiroi Room is full of art, accessories and fashion with a very kawaii pastel theme. 

I've been following Shiroi Room a while loving what she does so when I could do an order I tried make it quite broad and order a few different things. I ordered some badges, patches, a sticker and print.

As they were coming from Canada to the UK the items took a week and a half to arrive but that was pretty much on time. This was the nicest ever packaged items I've ever received. It was in a sturdy card envelope so nothing would bend but then everything inside was in cute packaging and tissue paper. The fact she did the time to do this really impressed me and made things more exciting to open!

Let's start off with the sticker shall we? As you can see it's not just a sticker. She included a cute postcard print too! She put a lovely message on the back and that print is now helping my whiteboard look kawaii.  The sticker is such good quality. It's thick and has a vinyl touch to it. I had to choose this design as it's just so colourful and fun!

There were many different designs of badges but I chose the booh design and the black heart one. Though she does pastel stuff I was more drawn to these two. The artwork is really clear and the badges feel like great quality that will last.

I could not pass these patches up. I've been wanting to make a cute magical girl themed patched up denim jacket for a while now and these will fit perfectly. Once again great quality, these iron on patches looked really well made with no mistakes, I don't think any of the threads will pull with wear and tear and the colours pay off is really well. All of the instructions are on the product page with how to apply these patches.

Last off this baby one more time print I put at the start of the blog. She packed this wonderfully again and the amount of detail in this print is amazing. You can look at this print again and again and see new detail. The prints obviously inspired by the Britney song and I love the lyrics placed as doodles on this print. I love all the soft colours and the eyes are just precious.

Overall I really love all of my products I bought and will definitely buy from her again. She has loads of different designs that I just have to have.

Check her out on her storenvy here. 

Yay! My first blogmas post done! I really love the holiday time expect from the cold weather

Speaking of christmas please check our blog giveaway post right here. 

Stay Cute

Clairey xoxo

Friday, 16 September 2016

YumeTwins August Kawaii Subscription Box Review ♥

Hi cuties!!!

So first off I want to see this review is not sponsored at all, I bought this with my own money and all opinions are 100% mine.

Right now that's out of the way. Me and Amy have been wanting to get a monthly subscription box for a while and we checked out some (which were all Japanese related be it snacks etc) but we weren't overall impressed. Me and twinny have been subscribed to this subscription box since it started 3 months ago. But really when we got them we were so excited we opened them up straight away and never really took photos or anything... until now!

So this is the August box I'm reviewing which theme was Loveable Animals. I'll be reviewing the design/ concept, the price, and the actual contents.

So what is Yume Twins? Well its a monthly subscription box from the people of Tokyo Treat. The people behind the boxes are actually based in Japan and all the goods are official merchandise. But Clairey, more about the box! Ok, so its a Kawaii monthly subscription box where you now get 8-10 items that fit into the Yume Kawaii style! The yume style, which the website describes as "a mixture of cuteness, fairytales and more importantly a touch of darkness! (yami)"  

So the design of the actual box and the idea of the subscription box to me is a magical girl dream.  The box outside and inside is beyond adorable with their two mascots,  and all the cuteness surrounding it in a lovely lavender colour.  

Now on to the contents, before I get into August's contents, I just want to quickly state what type of items you get. As I said before you get around 8-10 goodies. But what they include are all official merchandise which includes, plushies, stationary, figures, keyrings and accessories. So what brands have they included? Sanrio, Alpacasso, Bandai, Rement and lots more.

Now onto Augusts box. 

So in every box you get a little magazine which includes descriptions of the items you get, news from Yume Twins and insights of whats popular in Japan at the moment. The magazine is super cute and all designed with their mascots and original art which is a super cute box.

First is a blind box that is a cute little charm of yummy cakes and dessert. We really liked this, it was well made and though a small item still nice,

Then we got this egg carton, with GUDETAMA. We get this squishy pink egg with a little gudetama inside. Totally cute, totally adorable and totally pink. 

Couldn't get the best picture of this but I love pompompurin so much! The pen is quite good actually, blank ink and writes pretty well. It has a cute stamp like design on it, I was so happy when I got this.

As the theme of the box loveable animals this pink alpacasso sure fits the bill! Again it's pink so Amy was over the moon. It's cute and adorable and it has a ball chain on it so that you can put on your bag etc. Another great item. 

Cute face and hand towel featuring a cat from an anime? Doesn't really matter, it's a nice design and it's useful.

Another loveable animal. This is an item that you could of got one of a few. It's really soft and cute! And it's currently on my bag.

Oh my god. This is so so amazing, A thick notepad with lines, neko atsume pad. I don't actually like cats but neko atsume is just so charming. And its stationary! I collect it and I've used this pad a lot, so cute.

So I adoreeee pom pom purin! Like he's my favourite Sanrio character and when I saw this I went crazy. So cute and I'll probably never use it because I love it too much. It's a letter set and includes stickers too. 

Mini Review

So as this post has gone rather in depth I'll try keep this too the point. Shall be giving my last thoughts and a rating out of five.

The design/concept of this box is just amazing. So adorable and a bit of a gap in the market. I'm totally for the design and concept so this is a 5/5.

Now the price is different for everyone depending on their month package or which offers they have. Generally they always have some sort of offer on which helps with the price and the flat rate $6.99 worldwide shipping seems fair. With all the items in the box I do think it's really worth the price so I'll give this a 4/5.

Contents, well this is easy for me. You get 8-10 items and for every box I've had I have been pleased with everything! Even if it's something I'm much of a fan of it's all really cute and the other items in the box are normally really on point. 5/5.

So I really love this subscription box and if you're wanting kawaii items that aren't always candy or anime related this is for you. They normally have some sort of offer on so if there isn't one on at the moment, might be worth waiting a bit. You can find their website here

Sorry if this got rather in depth, if there is anything I didn't cover please comment and I'll gladly get back to you!

Clairey xoxo   

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

What is Otome no Sewing and How do I use it?

Hi girls, I've talked a lot about otome no sewing but not about what they are. In a sense there like a lolita pattern Ikea, they have pretty pictures of the products in the front then at the end is the instructions and patterns. 

Unlike gothic lolita bible the patterns are non branded ones however instead you get a lot more 'premium' patterns of actual clothes and plenty of them! roughly around 20 probably more!

So here is one of the front pages with coord ideas of all of it's patterns. Here you can see close up shots as well of certain details. Each pattern has a number which is its name once you've chosen a pattern you can go to the back to see the construction method and find the paper pattern of it (more on this later) 

Some of the patterns has photo instructions these are normally for more complex patterns. Only a couple of the patterns have photo instructions but don't worry...

Because the rest have diagram instructions and written instructions too!

But they are all in Japanese???
Yes they are but with the google translate phone app you can translate via photo! just take a photo of the page and let the app do the work for you. Turn flash on in the app as this helps it focus every time. You might get a few confusing translations but don't panic! translate the whole page first and not just little sections, you will find that the other sections will help you figure out any confusing areas. 

Now here are you paper patterns! confused? all the patterns are overlayed each other which means you have to trace off these patterns to which I recommend a tracing wheel. As you may need to alter the patterns tracing off means you can keep the original to check back to when needed. 

In this photo you can see the key, it will tell you what patterned lines to look for, for each pattern and how many pieces it has.

But my pattern I chose isn't on the paper pattern?
Some of the patterns are alterations of another pattern or include some self drafting. But don't worry there is instructions for it in the book sometimes the self drafting is for simple things like ruffles or pom pom balls. Some pattern call for alteration of the pattern but instructions are given on how to do that as well.

The pattern I want to do has a technique I've never done before?
Before the diagram  black and white instructions is a page on how to do certain techniques however google is your friend as well! I only recently learnt how to shirr with elastic thread (so easy!! why was I so afraid of them?) and how to gather with my overlocker.

so to conclude 
- Otome no sewing is a Japanese lolita sewing book with paper patterns in the back
- it has coord ideas at the front showcasing the patterns
-photo instructions and black and white instructions in the back
-It provides paper patterns that you have to trace off as they are all overlayed
- some pattern pieces are not provided but take some self drafting or alteration of a pattern that is already in the book.
- The books are seasonal one for s/s and one for a/w

I've managed to find these books at £15 and to get 20 or more patterns from it is an absolute steal! You can draft these patterns your self if you take long enough but to have already thought up patterns and instructions included projects is such a luxury. The patterns range from simple to detailed clever cuts. From scarfs and mittens to Ops and fluffy bear coats! I hope I've been able to help explain what these wonderful books are sewing lolita was a bit daunting for me but now with these books I have so many wonderful projects to choose from!

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Twin Nails For Twins and Life Catch up

Hey gals, our life has been really busy at the moment, we are trying to balance our new adventures, new classes and just the boring life things you have to do XD. Me and Clairey have been doing a lot of work for our shop Magical Harts and we have some brand new products coming out soon for that. We both have been doing YouTube videos too, we both really love doing YouTube videos it really feels really different to blogging and more natural and fun for us. We recently done an all about us video which was really fun.

We both still want to keep up blogging even though we've been a lot more active on our other social media ^^. 

Now onto nails, recently I've been really focused on Gyaru nails and hoarding them. I've always loved them and made inspo posts on them but I've never had some highly decorated nails until this last month. I don't know what took me so long but hopefully how pretty they are will make up for it XD 

I wore these nails in my last post but here is a close up of them. I was thinking about getting Himegyaru ones but chose instead to go for a magical girl feel with lots of pink and when they arrived I was so happy I did, they even have an A on the thumb nail too. The nails are decorated amazing and are so so solid too! 

After mine arrived Clairey had an amazing idea to get twin nails for us, we haven't twinned much before since we have such different styles so when Clairey mentioned this to @Xiebabyy she came up with the idea of having this...

Matching Kuromi and My Melody nails! We were so excited by this as it works for both of our different styles but lets us twin at the same time. How did we not think of this XD!! When they arrived we knew we had to do something special with them so we've planned to do our first proper twinning coord which still keeps our styles intact too. We want to wear it for Hyper Japan so hopefully our things arrive for it before then. These nails are so cute and I love all the drawings she did on them, she is so talented and creative <3 font="">

Blog soon
Amy x

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Ring Grab Bag + Necklace / Twinkle Kitty Boutique Review

Hi guys, Long time no blog, we've been quite busy recently with life but now I can finally blog about my super cute jewelry I bought from TwinkleKittyBoutique I realized I had no cute rings at all to go with any Hime or sweet looks so I went on a hunt to get some rings on Etsy. (nails by the lovely @xiebabyy on instagram)

And I found Twinkle Kitty Boutique's cute ring grab bag for £2.50!  I also have included the two rings I got as extra gifts as well in the photo ^^. I don't usually buy lucky bags/grab bags but for the price I was willing to try and the rings I got are absolutely perfect! I'm not usually this lucky aha. I'm so happy with the rings and the price, I now actually have rings to wear with outfits and all of them suit my style so well.

I also bought this Princessly Home Castle necklace too for £4.50 it's so cute and I love the heart beads on the chain. I'm wanting to try or sweet styles other than Gyaru and this is perfect for it. unfortunately me top kept on clipping it so I'm going to have to wear it with something else aha. The chain is so cute on this necklace with the pink beads and heart beads.

All of the jewelry is such good quality the rings are solidly glued and the necklace chain is very sturdy. The price is great as well and I would super recommend her shop to anyone. The shop is based in the U.K which is great if you love to support local kawaii businesses. The shop does many different styles and has some great fairy kei pieces too. See her shop here 

Thats all for now, I think a huge life update post is in order, we post a lot more on our instagram @opheliaofharts but we are going to post a lot more on here too ^^.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Soul Sister scans v11 part 1~!

Hey sweeties!

So in an earlier post I mentioned about scanning my soul sister in as for me it can be a bit tricky to find scans for this magazine. Been thinking about how I wanted to do it and decided to do it in parts to split it up and not make it too picture heavy!

Luckily this magazine is at the time when it's going into spring, so I hope you'll find this helpful ^^

I will eventually put a tab on the blog where you can see just the magazine scans! Shall get that sorted soon. Now on to the scans. (I'll only be putting a max of around 10 in each posts as I don't want it to be too image heavy)

Pure sass and bad ass

Anyone feeling a Juicy Couture feel? Just me?

These were two of my favourite pages, they all look amazing and each model has their own feel. Love how their all in a different brand too!

Awesome outfits for when it's just going to spring! I love how this magazine has people in crazy tights, gothy boots, leggings and more. Soul sister shows you can wear different things and still have a mature look and be gyaru =)

Like industrial sites have always been the best place to hang out.

That's it for this post, it's kind of a feeler for me to see if people like it, how many images I should do and more. It the next posts I include the previous part links as well. Also the magazine has this filter printed on all of the pages, it wasn't my scanner's fault D:

Blog soon cuties

Friday, 18 March 2016

Bear Bows and Floral Hearts

Hi guys~!
It's been so long since I've last blogged or even done gal! University turns me into a hermit I swear, but at least I'm fashionable hermit. I've been working very hard on my swimwear but I will go into that more in a different post. 

I've bought a lot of new items and really expanded my Hime and Himekaji wardrobe (but of course forgot to blog about any and left half at home and half at uni..) But fair to say I've found a new favorite brand, Tralala! Tralala is very versatile going from playful cute to over the top hime (Some quite nice rokku tartan pieces too and plenty of playful t shirts), which I've filled my wardrobe with both. Tralala is also quite easy on the wallet as well alongside Liz Lisa, which is great for me since I'm building my wardrobe again. Also Tralala has amazing room wear I already have two pieces coming my way and one comes with a little towel set too, it really makes me want to have more Gyaru sleepovers.

I also tried out a new eye make up shape today. I looked at a tutorial in Ageha by Himena but then made it a little more smokey and softer. I'm really happy with the result! It's a completely new style so I felt a bit nervous but I think it turned out okay. I think I'll do this eye style in the future ^^ .  I borrowed Clairey's bodyline wig and I really like the colour on me, which is a surprise! I didn't think I'd suit blonde ^^. 
Outfit Rundown ^^
Dress: Tralala
Skirt: Miss Selfridge
Necklace: Jesus Diamante 
Bracelet: Topshop
Hair Pieces: La Pafait and Magical Harts (coming soon!)
Wig: Bodyline.

I Really love my new tralala dress and used a fluffy skirt to make it more poofy ^^ I got to wear my necklace Clairey bought for me for our birthday too, were 22 now! Me and Clairey are going out tomorrow to meet up with Rachel tomorrow for a shopping lunch date~!

What's your favourite Gyaru Brand?
Blog soon xx  

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Enter the Kawaii World of Brogan Coral | Art Prints Review

When I was searching on storenvy to find some cute prints to put on my boring walls I wasn't having much luck until I managed to find Brogan Coral's shop. Brogan is an illustrator based in the UK. Her shop offers mini prints, large prints, books, pins, sparkly prints and more.

Immediately I fell in love with her artwork. Its an over the top kawaii overdose, and that is good thing. The women in her art look like they've just came out of  mahou shoujo anime and everything just looks so dreamy. Her artwork features different Japanese fashion styles and some well known figures too. I've actually ordered from her twice now and this isn't a sponsored review. But let's get into it.

Quality & Pricing

Above are the pictures of what I ordered. One large print and two small prints. With the Large print costing $9.00 (As storenvy only sells in dollars) and the small prints being $3.00. 

The picture quality of these prints are amazing, everything is very clear, vibrant and there's no grittiness or pixelation. This go for both size prints. All of it seems to flow pretty nicely and it doesn't look like it's been stretched out to fit. There is a difference of the type of papers though. For the smaller prints they're more glossy with rounded edges whilst the larger prints have a more smooth matte finish with normal edges. None of which affect the quality.

The pricing seems pretty fair to me, infact I feel the pricing is very affordable. If we take in dollars and turn them into pounds which as of today's post a large print is £6.49. Which seems good to me considering I'm buying this off an indie illustrator and the quality being as good as it is. 

Post and Packaging.

With the cost of shipping to the UK being $8 which converts into £5.77 which again seems fair to me considering the costs of posting itself, the envelope is was posted in and also the packaging costs. Each of my orders were all sent the next day too first class postage and arrived the next day as well! 

It all arrived in wonderful condition with stickers featuring her work being on the envelope which let me know which post to open first and get all excited about! When I opened it, all of her works were packaged nicely in plastic wrapping which made sure all of the prints arrived clean and undamaged. Each piece was wrapped individually too.

Customer Experience

Ok so I've kind of purposely been not telling you something in this post. With every order you get a free gift. Which is a crazy nice thing for the owner to do. I was just expecting some candy or a badge or something small like that but nope she included free artwork! And no not just small art prints, holographic art prints (which my photo really doesn't show off well) and also large prints too which I totally can't find where my photos of them are! Grr!

She seem to also guess which other pieces I would of liked also! 

All of my communications with the owner were lovely too, she quickly messaged me every time my order updated and answered my questions quickly too.

So taking everything in consideration I'd give this store 5 out of 5 stars!

Clairey xx