Saturday, 11 June 2016

Twin Nails For Twins and Life Catch up

Hey gals, our life has been really busy at the moment, we are trying to balance our new adventures, new classes and just the boring life things you have to do XD. Me and Clairey have been doing a lot of work for our shop Magical Harts and we have some brand new products coming out soon for that. We both have been doing YouTube videos too, we both really love doing YouTube videos it really feels really different to blogging and more natural and fun for us. We recently done an all about us video which was really fun.

We both still want to keep up blogging even though we've been a lot more active on our other social media ^^. 

Now onto nails, recently I've been really focused on Gyaru nails and hoarding them. I've always loved them and made inspo posts on them but I've never had some highly decorated nails until this last month. I don't know what took me so long but hopefully how pretty they are will make up for it XD 

I wore these nails in my last post but here is a close up of them. I was thinking about getting Himegyaru ones but chose instead to go for a magical girl feel with lots of pink and when they arrived I was so happy I did, they even have an A on the thumb nail too. The nails are decorated amazing and are so so solid too! 

After mine arrived Clairey had an amazing idea to get twin nails for us, we haven't twinned much before since we have such different styles so when Clairey mentioned this to @Xiebabyy she came up with the idea of having this...

Matching Kuromi and My Melody nails! We were so excited by this as it works for both of our different styles but lets us twin at the same time. How did we not think of this XD!! When they arrived we knew we had to do something special with them so we've planned to do our first proper twinning coord which still keeps our styles intact too. We want to wear it for Hyper Japan so hopefully our things arrive for it before then. These nails are so cute and I love all the drawings she did on them, she is so talented and creative <3 font="">

Blog soon
Amy x

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Ring Grab Bag + Necklace / Twinkle Kitty Boutique Review

Hi guys, Long time no blog, we've been quite busy recently with life but now I can finally blog about my super cute jewelry I bought from TwinkleKittyBoutique I realized I had no cute rings at all to go with any Hime or sweet looks so I went on a hunt to get some rings on Etsy. (nails by the lovely @xiebabyy on instagram)

And I found Twinkle Kitty Boutique's cute ring grab bag for £2.50!  I also have included the two rings I got as extra gifts as well in the photo ^^. I don't usually buy lucky bags/grab bags but for the price I was willing to try and the rings I got are absolutely perfect! I'm not usually this lucky aha. I'm so happy with the rings and the price, I now actually have rings to wear with outfits and all of them suit my style so well.

I also bought this Princessly Home Castle necklace too for £4.50 it's so cute and I love the heart beads on the chain. I'm wanting to try or sweet styles other than Gyaru and this is perfect for it. unfortunately me top kept on clipping it so I'm going to have to wear it with something else aha. The chain is so cute on this necklace with the pink beads and heart beads.

All of the jewelry is such good quality the rings are solidly glued and the necklace chain is very sturdy. The price is great as well and I would super recommend her shop to anyone. The shop is based in the U.K which is great if you love to support local kawaii businesses. The shop does many different styles and has some great fairy kei pieces too. See her shop here 

Thats all for now, I think a huge life update post is in order, we post a lot more on our instagram @opheliaofharts but we are going to post a lot more on here too ^^.