Saturday, 18 February 2017

Soul Sister Scans - vol 11, Mipochi and Sport Style Focus

Hi cuties!

So me and Amy have a lot of "old" japanese fashion magazines. Well 2007 to 2013 old. They are mostly gyaru but we have Kera and another as well.

And as unfortunately some fashion trends we loved are falling out of style and also some styles not really being covered anymore. So we thought to scan in our mags so we can share them with everyone! We wont be doing every single page (sorry) and we'll be doing them in blog posts with a portion at a time cause I don't want any ones computers to crash because of too many pictures! 

So we did kind of already start this a while ago with a blog post we did in the past of the same one we are going to do today. However I kind of just chose random parts of the magazine and I'm going to do it more organised this time with each post having content relevant to each other.

You will be able to find all the posts I've done of J fashion mag scans on my toolbar! Okay, so that covers everything. Onto the scans~

Had to scan this in, how cute are the co ords! Love this brand.

Introduction/ day of model Mipochi. I love her, she's so stylish.

I really wanted to scan these as this style is kind of in fashion right now in western style. I love the hoodie x skirt sets!

I am dying over that sweater dress! 

So this is kind of my first time scanning in magazines so if there's anything different you would like either with the scanning or the way I will be doing my blog posts with them, let me know in the comments. 

It was so cool going through my soul sister magazine again feeling very nostalgic over the styles. And really wanting a hoodie x skirt set of my own.

Claire xoxo

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