Saturday, 31 October 2020

Small Business Saturday! - Let's Go Fairily plus Kawaii Disney Plushies

Hey cuties! 

Having a small business ourselves we know how important it is to support and share small businesses. We are all following our dream and making things that make us happy! We know ourselves just how happy we are to have a sale or review and with that being said, we wanted to share with you our review of a new small kawaii business we found. We hope to do this as often we can and recommend you our favourite businesses ♥

Through Instagram we saw someone buy these really cute earrings from Let's Go Fairily. They make really cute earrings and brooches and are based in the U.K. Being massive Disney fans we knew we had to pick some up, they even had some cute Halloween style earrings! We bought two pairs each (sorry the lighting wasn't the best it's been stormy these past days) and dressed up in our best Disney garb!

We decided to both take inspiration from when we see gyaru's visit Tokyo Disneyland but do the makeup more in a 2008-2010s gyaru style as it's our fave era and when we really got into gyaru πŸ’–

Okay Clairey here! Of course I had to get a pair of the bat bow earrings! There so soft and fluffy 😍 my twin also got me the lilac pair too! There nice and light to wear. For this look I knew I wanted to wear my balloons spirit jersey I got from Walt Disney World from the before Covid times. As in right before in early March and when we came back we were shortly into lockdown 😞 Anyway, I wanted to keep my make a bit more neutral with the gold eyeshadow and doing makeup more inspired by 2010's gyaru, but I had to put a sprinkle of glitter on my cheeks just like we did at Disneyland.

And now Amy! I had to wear my Minnie jumper and Cinderella 'My Happy Place' hat, I bought a summer and a winter version of this hat so I can keep the Disney magic all year round. Luckily for me I saw a matching pair of blue earrings in the store to go with my hat perfectly. To keep the theme going I used blue eyeshadow which was fun to try. Just like Clairey I used the same glitter on my cheeks that we did at Disneyland, a young girl was amazed with our 'Pixie Dust' and it's such a cute memory to look back on. 

Now onto the review! The earrings were £7.00 and are available with different earring findings including non pierced ears. We were so happy to see how large and cute the earrings were when unpacked them and they all came wrapped up nicely. Although large they are super lightweight and very comfortable. Everything is crafted to a high quality and the earring themselves are surgical steel, the earrings are also backed with felt so they are not flimsy at all. Being U.K based as well our earrings arrived very quickly in a matter of days. I would 100% recommend Let's Go Fairily and I'm already wanting to buy more in different colours, they also have some super cute Christmas tree decorations too which is super tempting!


Now back to Clairey! It seems right to include this being Disney and all. But I sneakily got Amy and I these cute Daisy and Chip/Dale plushies on a Facebook selling group. I think she got them from Toreba or some other claw games which I'm not very good at πŸ˜… I don't get the technique or what to grab so I'm happy to have found them! I don't know what line or collection there from but they remind me of magical girls, and both of them were £24 each which is pretty good I think πŸ’•

Well we hoped you enjoyed this post! We are super excited to start doing small business Saturday's, we plan to share other kawaii shops we love but also maybe some knitting related ones too, who knows! We just also want to clarify that we bought everything in this post and it is not sponsored πŸ’– The small business Saturdays posts are going to be us sharing shops that we love and buy from. 

What is your favourite films/shows that you like from Disney?

Monday, 26 October 2020

Ojamajo Doremi + Pom Pom Purin Kuji

Hi cuties! 

Recently we both learnt about Ichiban Kuji's when we saw a live on Instagram and saw all the cool prizes. We missed out on that Kuji, (I think it was Sailor Moon) but we got hooked and found out more about them.

 Ichiban Kuji's are like a raffle with different prizes some big prizes like a large plushie or small like a keychain. You always win as each ticket has a prize and there are kuji of all different fandoms including cute Sanrio ones! We asked around and got recommended Otaku House by a lot of people, so we entered a couple on their website. Their website is really easy to use and they do livestreams on YouTube where they draw your ticket which is really fun. There's so much excitement and anticipation when you are waiting and we have always been happy with our gets so far, even if it's not one of the top prizes. We entered a couple of Kujis and we received 2 packages this week with our prizes.

The first kuji we entered was a test one so we picked out an Ojamajo Doremi cosmetic kuji which had flat shipping and I won the D prize which was a crΓ¨me colour compact. 

I got a really nice turquoise colour that has gold glitter in it. It came bubble wrapped in a small package and arrived safely. It took around 8-9 days to get here which I'm happy with as the shipping price was really cheap.

It's really glittery but also colourful and will be perfect as an eyeshadow for Clairey not so much me but I was happy with it as I adore magical girl anime (especially the older ones) and now I know how it all works.

Then this package arrived! With Kuji you watch live to see the tickets drawn and Clairey entered a Pom Pom Purin Cook With Me Kuji and luckily won two bowls which match! So Otaku house emailed us with a shipping quote for the two bowls which was with DHL Express 2-3 days shipping which came to £15.80 plus a very small customs fee which Clairey didn't mind as DHL is usually good for us, it was super quick and tracked too. 

This is how they were packed inside, the boxes for the bowls are so cute and the bowls inside are kept safe with Styrofoam so they arrived in one piece.

These are the two bowls! They look super cute together. The design is really simple yet super adorable and they're a nice size for rice or other small dishes. They're really nice quality too, I was hoping that they wouldn't be plastic and when they arrived I was relieved to see they were ceramic. We are so happy we won both of these matching bowls as we can now have one each!

The bowls have a cute design on the inside as well. After this we entered a couple more Kujis. We pre-ordered some tickets for the upcoming Kirby Starlight Theatre kuji, I entered the Ojamajo Doremi cosmetic kuji again winning two eyeshadows! I don't know what colours they are yet as their like a blind box which is exciting, heres hoping for pink. Finally, Claire entered a Sumikkogurashi kuji which will make some perfect Xmas pressiesπŸ‘€  

Overall we're really over the moon with our prizes so far and do like how Otaku House does things and will be continuing to use them. I think it is a blessing and a curse that we found out about kuji's. My purse is already feeling the effects 😭 but I know this isn't going to be the end of entering kuji's. 

Blog soon

Sunday, 18 October 2020

Autumn Gyaru Haul WC, Cecil Mcbee, Ma*rs and more!

 Hey cuties! 

Now that we're back into blogging we wanted to share a gyaru autumn haul we did! We bought these in summer so it was a little weird looking at sweaters in 30c degrees. We also did this as a video as well so if you want to watch instead you can. 

Autumn and Winter are our favourite seasons so we were happy to be able to dress in knits again. Here are our co-ord details.

Headband: Glad news
Jumper: W♥C
Shorts: Primark

Clairey was trying out this new wig which was very blonde brown ashy tones. She knew she wanted mega cosy feels and when she put on the headband the look was complete. Clairey said she could stay in this forever.

Canotier: Angelic Pretty
Scarf: La Pafait
Necklace and Bracelet: our shop Magical Harts
Bolero: La Pafait
Jumper and socks: Primark
Skirt: Metamorphose Temps de Fille

With wearing hime gyaru, I sometimes can use some of my lolita fashion pieces. Since we're so tall I use the Metamorphose lucky pack skirts purely for hime gyaru outfits. You can find jewellery or 'royal' looking prints which match hime gyaru perfectly.

Now onto the haul ♥ we bought these on Fril using FromJapan shopping service.

Clairey bought these two W♥C jumpers, W♥C is her favourite brand but she mostly has summery or bright items by them. So for Autumn she definitely wanted some nice thick jumpers from them but more darker colours. She seems to jump from bright to dark colours for Autumn/Winter pretty quickly XD

I bought this Glamorous Jane jumper which isn't my usual style but I loved the design so much I had to get it. It was really far back on Fril so I wasn't even sure I would be able to buy it πŸ˜… But I might style this in a DIA style which will be cool and new for me to do.

I bought these two Cecil Mcbee jumpers which I'm really happy with, the Barbie jumper has fluffy sleeves on it and I'm really happy I found the old school black logo sweater. I think I'm probably going to buy more from Cecil Mcbee as I really like their style. Maybe a new favourite brand for me 😊 

I found this Playboy kogal vest which I bought to replace one I had a while ago which I gave away sadly. My original was in pink as well but I wasn't able to find one in my size πŸ˜“ but I really like this one too, the button down is so cute.

So I guess we will start of with Clairey's dream item, the Kumatan bag! We both got into gyaru in the 2010's and she's always wanted it as soon as she saw it. Imagine wearing just a huge Kumatan face for a bag. The ANAP top is more of a crop off the shoulder batwing top with a a union jack which fits perfectly in her wardrobe with her other union jack tops πŸ˜‚ she has a type for sure! She also picked up a Ranzuki magazine for cheap. We collect Ageha and Egg magazines as that is what we were most into but we never really checked out Ranzuki. The cover both pulled us in and after opening it we super love it! Very cute and we wish we checked it out sooner!

Onto jewellery, I wanted to get some pieces which could make more plain sweater look more gyaru. I instantly thought of Ma*rs as they are really girly with their jewellery and I was really happy to find two matching pieces from the same seller. Unfortunately, my Cecil Mcbee necklace turned out to be much much smaller than I thought however it was cheap so thats okay. I have my ma*rs and la pafait pieces which I can rely on instead of this tiny cross haha!

Finishing off with this cute La Pafait necklace and hair clip set that Clairey bought for me for Christmas. Okay, so she wanted to show it me cause she knows Hime is very coordinated and wanted to know if it will fit my wardrobe but omg look! It has such cute gems inside and if you shake it they will move all around. I don't have many mainly white hime items (mostly very pink or cream and pink etc) so it definitely helps πŸ’– now to wait until Christmas 😭 

So that is it cuties! That is our Autumn gyaru haul, we're both so happy to be back to blogging and making a video and hope you've enjoyed! Looking at this so makes me want to jump back onto Fril and look at more items but now we have Christmas to think about.

Amy (with Clairey too) xxxx

Friday, 16 October 2020

So... We are Back!


Hey Everyone we're back to blogging! Recently we've been reading some great blogs and watching YouTube which made us think back on our own blogging and YouTube days. We both really loved blogging and we're excited to be back and have lots to share! We both have changed a lot in the two years since we last posted but rather than start with a clean slate we decided to keep our older posts, it's fun to look back and see where we were at the time.

But since we have changed so much we thought it was time to change our banner too. We chose purple as it's a colour that we both like (Amy would've chosen pink.) and it teases some of the things we want to blog about too. Keeping things basic, we're just going to post about the things that make us happy and share that happiness. We're still going to post about Japanese fashion and beauty, but we're also going to post about crafting (knitting!) and other things too. Check out the teaser below to see what our upcoming posts will be about.

Looking at this image makes us already super happy, so our blogging rule seems to work! We hope that you have all been well; we know that it is a stressful time and us blogging about things we are passionate about brings light to us, so we hope it does to you too!

We are both still working on updating all the areas of the blog so for now if you want to find us we are at Instagram @opheliaofharts and our shop account is @magicalharts. Or you can leave a comment below and we will be sure to reply ♥

Amy and Clairey xxx